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6 Must-Know Winter Hike Essentials

A ramble into the countryside is a tradition that many families across the UK take part in over Christmas. Yet with temperatures across the British Isles continuing to plummet, it’s looking likely that this year’s walk is going to a be a chilly one. To help make sure your time outdoors isn’t ruined by worries over frostbite, we’ve compiled a list of six items that will help to keep you warm.

Waterproof Boots 

Waterproof boots are an essential piece of footwear for the active man to have in their wardrobe. Their crossover ability to be both practical and stylish means they’re worth spending an extra few quid over.

Waterproof Gloves 

Our fingers are one of the first places that we feel the cold, so it’s best to skip over the cotton gloves and to go for a real pair of winter warmers. Keep an eye out for a pair that have a waterproof outer shell and an insulation layer that stretches all the way to the fingertips. If you can live without your phone for the length of your walk, then it’s best to invest in a pair of mittens. Keeping the fingers together makes it easier to trap in any heat.

Arc'teryx Veilance
Arc'teryx Veilance

Long Johns 

They might be an item of clothing that’s generally associated with older age, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying out long johns for yourself. Trust us, once you do, you’ll never go back! Avoid buying a pair that are made of cotton if you’re going to use them during any form of physical activity. Cotton traps sweat released by the body, which could cause a lowering of the body temperature if you take a break during your walk.


A Hat 

We lose around seven to ten per cent of our body’s heat through the head, according to studies. That’s why it’s essential to keep your noggin wrapped up when you’re exposed to the elements. While beanie hats aren’t going to earn you any points for your style, they do always guarantee a snug fit. Look out for one that has a warm, breathable lining to help keep your head warm.

Photo: Mpora
Photo: Mpora

Merino-Wool Socks 

Keeping the toes warm over the winter is a never-ending battle inside your home, let alone in the outdoors. Thankfully, merino-wool socks provide the ideal solution. They’re both breathable and moisture-wicking – two factors that are key to providing optimum temperature regulation. Despite the fact that merino-wool socks can work wonders, they’re still dependent on a decent pair of boots to work properly when outdoors.


Waterproof Coat 

No matter how nice the weather is when you leave the house, you should always remember that its much colder up a mountain. The weather will change numerous times up there too, so don't get yourself into a very dangerous situation and be prepared by keeping dry. Invest in a jacket that is breathable and waterproof with a microfleece lining.


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