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Introducing Bromwick, the London Inspired Watch Brand

If you were playing some simple word association games and someone said London, what would be the first word that popped into your head? Possibly Bus? Parliament? Big Ben? Whatever it might be, no doubt the iconography of England’s capital has inspired you in some capacity. For Steve Singh the founder of British luxury watch brand Bromwick, London became the canvass upon which the blueprint for his designs were laid bare. These innovative designs were conceived for the everyday man, with affordable prices, and mirror the very soul of London – stylish yet traditional, elegant yet practical; forged with a history.

“We get it. It shouldn’t be so expensive or difficult to find a watch that exudes confidence and screams success. Choosing between spending a ridiculous amount on a luxury watch and buying a cheap low quality watch isn’t a choice you should be left with! We make quality, luxurious watches affordable” - Steve Singh, Founder of Bromwick

Crown Black Leather
Crown Black Leather

The Bromwick watches are available in two series, TOWER and CROWN. The Tower series is inspired by Big Ben, which might not be enjoying its most instagrammable phase since it’s currently being renovated, but it has been a bastion of British regality since it was opened in 1859. This amazing feat of Gothic architecture is a symbol of beauty, skill and determination in the face of adversity. From the selection I like the Tower Silver/Brown Leather model. I’m not much of a gold guy, so the subtly of the semi-kaleidoscopic pattern silver works best for me. The brown alligator leather strap is a neat contrast although the straps do have a quick release mechanism that means they’re interchangeable. The second watch I’d like to highlight is the Crown Black leather from the Crown series collection; With an added sub-hour dial and a more thickened bezel.

Tower Rose Gold/Black Mesh
Tower Rose Gold/Black Mesh

The website offers a 10% discount on sign up which means you can get a cracking, modern yet sleek luxury looking addition to your watch collection for under £100. There’s neat little touches too, like the logo on the buckle and crown, as well as the aforementioned quick release strap. The presentation box is minimalist and won’t monopolise much space in your accessories draw. There are of course the obligatory Instagram competitions you can entertain yourself with as well. Let us know what you think in the comment box below.


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