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Discover Undone, the Revolutionary Watch Buying Experience

When Michael Young, a passionate vintage watch collector who has spent more than a decade in the high-end watch industry, launched a new custom watch company the industry took note. He had previously worked closely with many renowned Swiss watch brands such as Hublot, Frank Muller, Omega and Swatch Group and he operates a watch repair centre called Classic Watch Repair where he built a reputation within the watch collectors community by restoring vintage Rolex watches, consequently earning him the title of 'Bracelet Magician' across online forums.

Undone is Young’s latest venture with a goal to revolutionise the way watches should be made and sold. Established in 2014, Undone is the world’s leading custom watch label founded by a team of dedicated watch industry veterans. The core philosophy of the company is enabling everyone from all walks of life to create their unique personalised watch at great value without sacrificing quality. By combining traditional watchmaking with modern-day technology, Undone grants people the power to narrate their perception of time through their tailor-made watches. The production of all Undone brand products is made in-house, allowing their team to have full control over every aspect that goes into the making of their unique watches.

Every watch enthusiast and collector share a similar ambition: the dream to proudly put on a showpiece without putting a hefty dint in their bank accounts. “Nowadays, top designer brands are just leveraging their brand name to sell mass-produced items while giving it a high price tag,” Undone founder Michael Young explains. “Most consumers missed a very important point of luxury, which is the power and freedom of getting a product made your way.” Undone prides themselves as a group of challengers who enables everyone to create an exclusive watch that reflects their character. Emphasising the importance of being unique with the slogan 'Individuality Matters', Undone fuses iconic watches together with modern-day technology to create a ground-breaking experience of watch customisation.

While Undone is dedicated to creating comfortably priced watches, their brand’s core philosophy dictates that premium and exquisiteness would still be maintained. Undone watches are crafted using top-notch quality watch parts; for example, domed K1 sapphire crystals, diamond-like carbon coated watch cases, and quick-release straps are used in their latest collection of watches. The Undone website features an interactive customiser with a user-friendly interface that allows anyone to produce their own unique watch with a few customisable base models. Carrying a wide range of cases, bezels, dials, hands, and straps, numerous combinations can be created with each of the available watch models.

Furthermore, the ability to add text engraving or artwork gives the personalised watch a distinctive finish touch. Dedicated to understanding the needs of their customers, a team of committed designers focuses on building tailor-made designs within a short amount of time for those who desire a wholly customised 3D textured dial. Every single Undone timepiece is made-to-order within the Undone lab. The integrated in-house operation includes research and development for products, components production, assembly, quality control, packaging, and fulfilment. The team believes this is the only way to democratise custom-made products, proudly reflecting the Undone way of doing things. 

Visit Undone.watch to design your very own watch today and be sure to use our exclusive 10% Off Code: MENS10 at the checkout.


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