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Interview with A Day’s March Founders

A Day’s March is a Swedish menswear label founded in 2014 by Marcus Gårdö, Pelle Lundquist and Stefan Pagreus, who offer clean-cut basics and wardrobe staples of the highest quality, at a friendly price. Interestingly, their name comes from an old military term referring to how far an army could move in one single day. MenswearStyle were lucky enough to chat with each of the founders recently and we found it was clear that as a brand they would rather make one exceptional shirt than three mediocre ones. A Day's March is all about making clothes with long-lasting quality and design, inspired by classic American and Italian menswear, music and film, military apparel and sportswear. We caught up with them to find out more about the brand and its future:

Please tell us about the brand story from the beginning

Pelle Lundqvist: “We are all longtime friends. Marcus who always had an eye for interesting business ideas pitched a direct to consumer shirt concept to me and Stefan in 2012. At the time, there weren’t any brands around who offered quality products at a lower price. Me and Stefan took Marcus' idea into a concept that included a lot more than shirts, more like a one stop shop for essentials. We all found a lot of energy in that and from there we started digging.”

What were each of you doing before now? 

Stefan Pagréus: “Me and Pelle met at an advertising agency where we worked together for a few years. We were so fed up with the job, so we both quit. I left to study psychology and Pelle left so he could work with interiors and design. Then Marcus came to us with this idea and we are both fanatically interested in clothes so we accidentally started a clothing company.” 

Marcus Gårdö: “I have a background in economics. Like Pelle and Stefan I have no formal experience from fashion retail — apart from A Day’s March I run a book publishing firm. But I think that outside perspective has been a good thing for us.”

Who is the product aimed at exactly? 

Pelle: “Our typical customer is a guy with an eye for style and quality. Usually he wears garments from established premium brands, and understands that we are an alternative at a very attractive price.” 

What big things do you have planned for 2018? 

Marcus: “We’re launching a store internationally during this spring. It’s a big step for us to grow outside of Sweden. It’s like watching your kid grow up and move abroad. We’re a bit nervous, but mostly proud.”

Your clothing is very clean, simple and minimal; does this reflect the way you dress yourselves? 

Pelle: “Yes, from the very beginning we decided to be strictly personal and only do garments that we would wear ourselves, and never to second-guess what our customer wants.” 

Where do you seek inspiration? 

Stefan: “Inspiration comes from everywhere. I guess the common thread is that everything has a long-lasting quality to it. It may be a book, a film, a record or a painting. We also pick up ideas and details from our own wardrobes, the old stuff that for different reasons, you never stop wearing. That favorite 90s Helmut piece or those tennis shorts or your dads old fishing sweater. We talk a lot about what it is that makes those clothes special and how to create garments that lasts longer, both quality and style wise.”


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