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6 Spring Grooming Tips from Pall Mall Barbers

We can almost feel the slight ember of spring heat on its way, so we thought it would be a good time to draw your attention to new season hair and beauty styling advice to prepare you in good time. For this we looked to our good friends at Pall Mall Barbers, a traditional grooming service in a modern manner since 1896. Read on to equip yourself with all the top grooming knowledge for the coming season.

1) Think about going shorter 

With the warmer weather on its way (hopefully), think of going for a shorter look. Jay from Pall Mall Barbers Liverpool Street shares his top tip: “Make sure that when you ask your barber for a shorter cut they consider your facial features. It’ll help gauge what the right gradation for your haircut should be. This is really important in determining whether a shorter look will suit you and what grade you should go for. One hairstyle can flatter one client, and do no favours for the next”.

2) Find a barber you trust

If you haven’t already, find a barber you can trust and stick with them. The importance of having a barber you can put total faith in to deliver a great haircut every time is everything. The relationship you build with your barber is also a wonderful thing and one where you can become friends for life. Some barbers at Pall Mall Barbers have become such close friends with their clients that they have even been invited to their weddings.

3) Make sure you’re using the correct product for your style  

Clays, pastes, pomades, pompadours, waxes, gels… the list seems to go on forever. So, how do you determine what type of product is right for your hairstyle? First things first, ask your barber for their recommendation for your style. Ask them if you can test a couple of different products to see which one you prefer. “A good barber should take into consideration how naturally oily your hair is and check for any scalp conditions when making product recommendations”, Alex from Pall Mall Barbers Westminster explains.

4) Look after your beloved beard 

So, after many failed attempts and making it through the dreaded ‘itchy phase’, you’ve managed to grow yourself a decent looking beard. The question is, are you looking after it properly? Consider investing in a good quality beard oil to give your beard a soft and smooth finish, whilst keeping the skin underneath protected and moisturised. It will leave your beard smelling as good as it looks. If you haven’t tried one yet, give it a go – you’ll be amazed at the difference.

5) The importance of using conditioner 

Conditioning your hair may seem like one extra thing you have to fit into your morning routine, but you really should consider it - especially if you have longer hair. As well as making your hair look a lot healthier and smoother, regular conditioning improves the condition of your scalp, reduces split ends and maintains the natural oils, keeping your hair hydrated. Shannon from Pall Mall Barbers King’s Cross says; “You don’t have to condition your hair everyday. 3 or 4 a times a week will do the trick. You will soon see the benefits and question why you haven’t done it earlier”

6) Less is more with Cologne 

There’s nothing worse than the bloke in the office who comes in everyday drowned in copious amounts of aftershave, stinking the place out. You don’t have that guy in your office? Then it might be you – and for the sake of everyone else, don’t be that guy. There’s a certain etiquette attached to wearing a fragrance. When applying, spray the fragrance at least five inches away from the skin – so the alcohol doesn’t dry you out. Lightly apply to the chest, back of the neck, and wrists – you’ll create a subtle air of scent that doesn’t intrude on everyone else. Only re-spray when absolutely required – thanks to evolution, your nose gets bored of scents in your environment if you aren’t in danger from them, so it stops smelling the aftershave you’re wearing, but everyone around you can still smell it. Remember, fragrance is there to be discovered, not announce your presence like a trumpet fanfare.


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