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Modus Vivendi Presents the Male Way of Life

Modus Vivendi, owned by the Greek Designer Christos Bimpitsos, has been in the market since 1989. The brand offers the quality of a world class company while at the same time maintaining human scale as well as protecting its core brand values. Respecting diversity, Modus Vivendi creates unique collections of underwear, swimwear, sportswear, loungewear and streetwear - each with its own distinctive character - all designed in spectacular patterns and colours of outstanding beauty.

The Modus Vivendi 'Male Way of Life’ redefines men’s underwear with elegance, authenticity and distinctive designs, underpinning this with personal care and seamless service. The brand’s main aim is to deliver a new experience within the fashion of underwear whilst paying attention to man’s modern way of life. They also want you to start and finish your day with a piece of underwear which is as they describe; `The first garment you wear and the last you take off`.

The label’s Moto is `We do what we do because we love it` is an inspiring message too. Some of their original designs such as the Zipper Brief have gone on to become global sensations and as a result, this particular design has been reproduced yearly since 2009. Campaigns each season narrate a unique story, with their recent designs and photo campaign showing a refreshing new direction in finding a concept and inspiration each season. This Greek company which designs and manufactures within Greece also has its own in-house production team who are trained in using high quality fabrics and materials, maintaining the country’s tradition of specialising in fabric processing.

"I see underwear and clothes as a means of communication and self-expression. We all make a statement wearing a particular garment, we shout to the world what we are and what we think. I love to create pieces that help people express themselves, be themselves, accept themselves and even create a special character to show the world. We differ from other brands because we embrace diversity, and make it a way of life through our creations, which we treat and nourish as works of art. We respect our clients and we do everything for them and them only." - Christos Bibitsos.

Take a look at Modus Vivendi’s new Spring/Summer 2018 collection here, we promise you will love it. You can get 15% off all their underwear when you shop online with our exclusive discount code MWS15 too.

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