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Introducing Percy Stride’s British Handcrafted Oxford Shoes

Over the past few years, the men’s fashion industry has rapidly evolved, exploring new directions and offering a greater selection for the modern-day gentleman. It was this very movement that inspired the Founder of Percy Stride, Danielle Wathes, to design her own range of men’s footwear. Frustrated by the lack of quality and options, she was adamant on reviving the classic dress shoe while adding a modern twist for the 21st-century man.

Miss Wathes explained: “I knew the men’s market offered huge potential and would allow me to push the boundaries in design, whilst giving me the opportunity to focus on the quality of the product within Britain.” The finished result is a collection of timeless, signature Oxford shoes – an essential in any man’s wardrobe.

What makes Percy Stride’s shoes different from any cheaper high-street equivalent is the look and loving quality that goes into making them. The Goodyear welted construction allows every shoe to be easily resoled and maintained so you won’t have to keep replacing them time after time. Wathes said: “In the current market, I found there wasn’t much variety or flexibility in the design, style or colours available to men. In turn, this lack of attention to detail and innovation in design was contributing to the disposable culture we see more of nowadays. I wanted to encourage longevity within footwear and to cherish quality over quantity.”

Made in Northampton, the design process is very intricate and consists of over 200 processes prior to completion. The leather uppers and soles are hand-selected, tested and examined by the designers before the manufacturing process even commences. Passionate about quality, Percy Stride never mass produces, meaning every shoe gets the level of attention required to create a premium product. The quality of Percy Stride footwear was even recently recognised when they won The Society of Shoe Fitters Award at the highly prestigious Footwear Friends Annual Awards.

Beating over 30 other new top footwear brands, this accolade reiterates the quality product and service in which Percy Stride vows to deliver every time. The debut collection is called Timeless and features three styles in 12 different colours. Each design features a heat pressed emboss or print to the back quarter and can complement an array of smart and casual looks. Both the Dawn and Nightfall collections come in a variety of colours, giving you plenty of choices to suit seasonal fashions. For a classic look, the black and ebony colours are ideal, while chestnut brown, blue and burgundy offer a powerful contrast to an outfit.

If you’re feeling bold however, the Noontide Black and White Oxford shoes pack a big punch, helping any gentleman stand out from the crowd. Versatile, durable and stylish. Percy Stride footwear is ideal for functions, weddings, parties or even first dates. For exclusive discounts and the opportunity to shape the future of Percy Stride, purchase your first pair of men’s Oxford shoes via their Kickstarter campaign (ends 12pm on 31st March 2018).


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