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The Man with a Van Ultimate Guide

Vans have evolved over the last decade. No longer are working men limited to boring, rusty scrap heaps that you dread to be seen in. These days, vans can be just as stylish and attractive as cars, in fact, many tradesmen are even opting to use their vans for personal use – they’re that convenient! Even better, with this evolution into style, van manufacturers have also increased fuel efficiency and security features within their vans, meaning that you won’t dread leaving your tools in your van overnight anymore. Intrigued? Here are three of the most stylish vans on the market at the moment, and how to get the best deal:

Volkswagen Transporter 

Volkswagen and their iconic VW badge have been adorning vans for decades. Even the famous Scooby Gang chose to use a VW van for their business. These days you won’t find a green and purple number new, instead you’ll find a slick, sleek van that is the ultimate in functionality. Aimed at every business, if you’re buying new, you can customise your van to your every whim. This includes choosing the right fuel options for you, added security and suitable storage. From new, you can expect to pay from £24, 877 plus VAT. For a bargain, keep an eye on second hand websites like Arnold Clark where you can find both used and nearly new options. Here you can expect to pay around £12,000 to £20,000 plus VAT, depending on the age and features of the van in question.

Vauxhall Vivaro  

The Vivaro Sportive is like no other. This is a van that comes with air-conditioning, alloys, colour coded bumpers, electric mirrors and windows, USB chargers and a range of colours that you’d expect more from a modern car. And not only do these vans look spectacular, they drive it too, meaning that the Vivaro is a solid investment that will hold its value more than other leading models. When buying new, you can use the Vauxhall website to build a van exactly to your needs. Expect to pay from £13,000 plus VAT new and around £7,000 plus VAT for a decent used model. Vauxhall also offer a number of finance deals for commercial vans when bought new, so it may be worth getting a quote from them before deciding on a used model. Also, ensure that you compare van insurance online before making any big decisions, as any insurance costs should be added to your monthly budget for your vehicle and can often swing your decision between a new and used model.

Renault Trafic Sport  

Similar to the Vivaro, the Renault Traffic Sport comes standard with some pretty stylish features including alloys, electric pack, full steelhead and air con. You also benefit from JAVA upholstery and a leather steering wheel, making this van a comfort to drive. That’s not to mention the cruise control, automatic wipers and headlights and the nifty Media Nav Evolution 7” touch screen multimedia and navigation system, ensuring you never get lost on the way to a job – the DAB radio will keep you entertained too. The Traffic Sport isn’t just about gadgets though, this is also a highly reliable van. Like the vans mentioned above, new vans are customisable to suit your needs. This includes panel, crew and passenger versions on offer as well as brilliant fuel efficiency to save you money. Expect to pay upwards of £22,000 plus VAT for a Traffic, with more for customisations and the Sport edition. If you’re looking for a used model, expect to pay upwards of £12,000 plus VAT for a decent one.


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