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Why a Private Jet is the Ultimate Luxury Experience

You’re searching for the best experience the travel industry has to offer when striking out for the US. Whether you’re impressing your business associates or looking to treat yourself, there’s only one method of travel that presses all the right buttons. Through some stellar jiggery-pokery, the private jet has never been more affordable to the masses. Luxury travel is becoming more alluring and accessible, and America further establishes itself as a hub for stylish international journeys. Of course, many might think that traveling by private jet simply means soaring through the skies in a fancier plane. Perhaps the seats are made of a richer leather, or maybe there’s fewer noisy children aboard? These perks can be true of the private jet, but nevertheless, there’s even more incentives to enjoy. Let’s take a look at what they are below.

Easy Booking 

Many can praise the private jet, but most of us would understandably switch off at the mention of it. Such an experience can be commonly viewed as a pipe dream, a scenario that only celebrities and billionaire business people can enjoy. Additionally, the prospect of using a private jet might seem so overwhelming that you won’t know where to even begin. However, the ultimate luxury travel experience can be arranged on the internet, meaning anyone can theoretically sign up for the ride. If there are any queries or anxieties, it’s simply a matter of jotting down your name and email address to get the answers you need from a flight consultant. An online charter widens the custom pool, and it can be wheels up in no time after a click of the button.

Relaxing in Comfort 

Of course, comfy seats are part of the appeal. Other means of travel require you to be in a confined seating position. There’s little room for a fully reclining chair in a car, bus or train, as you’re packed in with other passengers who need their leg room. Consequently, you’ll be sat upright and alert throughout those modes of travel. However, sitting back and relaxing is likely one of the main reasons most would consider chartering a private jet. With seats that recline back into comfortable beds, passengers can get the rest they crave when embarking on a journey. They can also come with complementary sheets and pillows, meaning you can quite literally close your eyes at take-off and open your eyes in America. 

Stress Free 

Travelling can induce stress and irritation right the way through until journey’s end. Whether it’s organising the trip, meeting departure times, or experiencing a long customs check, issues can begin to rack up from the word go. Ultimately, there’s a lot to get through before even boarding your flight. However, private jets won’t depart without you in most instances. Consequently, there’s no need to panic or rush, and a lot of anxiety from traveling is removed straight away. It’s nice to know that the pilot has your back and that time is on your side, allowing you to enjoy the ultimate travel experience in a care-free environment.

The VIP Experience 

Some throw around the term ‘VIP experience’ without really elaborating on much else. Is it simply traveling with a comfy seat, cocktail in hand? Perhaps it’s only having everything you want until you screech across the runway on landing? These can be true, but the VIP experience has so much more to offer. Often, the private jet experience is simply a means to an end. Sometimes it’s the travel locations that define what type of private jet experience you’ll have. For example, some private jets are used to undertake tours in the US that are extensive (and admittedly expensive) in nature. Consequently, the private jet is often not the entire package, offering an experience that is more than a comfy seat in the skies. 

A Tranquil Journey 

There’s no way of avoiding it, most forms of travel are noisy. For example, trains, cars and busses are plagued by the loud hums and bangs of a working engine. It’s necessary but a nuisance, and this added to the chatter among passengers can be annoying - especially if they’re also taking calls and watching films. In many private jets, the engines are quiet, and the people are few. Most seating areas also feature a divider, meaning that you have complete privacy on your journey. Additionally, passengers are supplied with their own screens and headphones. Ultimately, you can politely shun the world until you step out of the plane, enjoying your own time at your own leisure. What more could you ask for?

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