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Ways to Spice Up Your Business Suit

Chances are if you work for a business you wear a suit every day. It’s much more than just a uniform; people pay more attention to you and offer you better service - it’s a seemingly good stigma. Keeping a suit nicely kept displays skills of control, that you can have a knowledge of style and be trusted to get a job done when required. However, keeping up an image up can be very costly, buying a new suit every few months can be ridiculously expensive having already interchanged pieces 5 days a week to keep your look fresh. Thankfully we’ve put this little guide together to save you a few bucks.

Obvious choices suggest going for bright and bold colours, but personally we recommend you do this within moderation. A bright orange shirt can only assure you’ll get strange looks rather than one of class and control. Striped shirts can be a great way to spruce up an everyday office look and fits really well with a slim body shape. For the larger guy, a checked shirt can easily be pulled off underneath a blazer, not to mention they can be worn down for a smart/casual look when unwinding after office hours. A range of fabrics, patterns and neutral colours can work great when styled correctly.

Luigi Bianchi
Luigi Bianchi

Another great way to spice up a suit within a specific dress code can be jewellery. Cuff-links, Lapel pins, Tie Bars and watches can be matched to create subtle details that will take attention away from that white shirt you’ve worn once a week for the past year. Not only do they draw subtle attention but are a great conversation starter when personalised and made into an unusual shape. Please ensure that all metals are matching and don’t completely distort the attire of the look you’re trying to pull off. A vast tie collection will allow you to be prepared for every event, but take note that they can make or break an outfit. Worn bang in the centre of your body and on display for everyone to see, it’s one of the first things people will look at along with your face. There are literally thousands of design variations to wear on a tie with floral, geometric or stripes. The best way to find you best look is to mix and match your patterns wisely. Stay away from whites and creams and avoid stripes on stripes when matching shirts.

Speaking of patterns, we move onto pocket squares. Only memorable from films about the 1920s and the landed gentry, pocket squares have slowly crept into business attire and with the rise of social media, pocket squares are prominent features amongst suit heads and luxury style-grams alike. Bold colours and patterns can be worn here as long as they complement or contrast your tie. i.e. black tie = white square. The only rule of pocket squares is that they don’t completely match the tie. If colours and patterns aren’t your thing then simply re-fold your pocket square to create new shapes. There’s no need for finger wizardry when it comes to this and if you're clueless on different folds, check out #pocketsquare for some inspiration. Making your shoes stand out can add another subtle dimension to your outfit. By opting for lighter tones such as tan grey or even burgundy, you can contrast well with neutral coloured suits. It’s important to get out there and try to explore all options available, however, this can be a costly step as proper shoes require a proper belt in a similar tone for uniformity. Remember there are hundreds of variations of business shoes you can wear such as Oxfords, monks, brogues... the list goes on.


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