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How to Update your Wardrobe for Summer

When summer hits, you want to be comfortable, without breaking the bank with a whole new wardrobe. When it’s hot outside, you can mix things up with these additions to your wardrobe. Join us as we teach you how to restyle, instead of rebuying.

Identify your Staple Items 

Every man has staple items in his wardrobe, which he can dress up or down. When the summer is upon is, it’s ever more important to pick the core items that will be a part of most looks. Clean white shirts, linens and white washed jeans are just some of the pieces you can plan around. Once you have these staple items picked out, you can go on to mix and match the rest of your outfit. This is a great mindset to get in, especially if you’re jetting off on holiday, as it allows you to use your staple items in many different ways. With so much fast fashion in the industry today, splashing out on a few statement pieces is more ethical. While Gucci or Saint Laurent might be out of your usual budget, you’ll be surprised by what you can afford when you downsize your wardrobe.


Select Some Statement Footwear 

When it comes to the summer months, you don’t want to be stuck with loafers or dress shoes. Add some statement footwear into your wardrobe to go with any outfit. While sandals and sneakers might not be traditionally formal, you can mix these into your formal outfits quite easily. Then, you have the advantages of both looking and feeling great on your side. Many men steer clear of sandals, as they’re not accustomed to how they will look and feel. However, if you disregard this shoe style, you might just be missing out on a comfortable and wearable shoe. Balenciaga have some fantastic sandals in their catalogue that will be sure to have you strutting your stuff in style. Once you start to wear these more often, you’ll realise just how comfortable they can be in the summer. They’re ideal for wearing poolside or even out for walks in the evening, again this will save you packing space as they’re pretty versatile.


Wear Bright Fabrics 

Nothing says summer quite like bright fabrics and light designs. If you’re looking for a designer to start with, then there are a range of Off-White T-shirt styles that will suit any man. Their slim tees cater to the fashion conscious man that wants to be comfortable in the warmer weather. Linens are always popular for the summer and you can’t go wrong with a crisp, white shirt. Pair these with darker chinos and you will have the perfect, adaptable outfit. A well fitted polo shirt is a great addition to any summer wardrobe, you might even have one of these at the back of your collection already! Stripes and pastels work well in the summer, so make sure you have a few polos to hand.



Who says that accessories are just for women? Men can accessorise their outfits with watches, shades and even weekend bags. A men’s Saint Laurent bag can help you to pack for the beach, the city and everywhere in between! SSense carry a great range of men’s accessories and their Saint Laurent range can be viewed here to help you to add a bit more panache to your look which you can view on their website. Belts can also bring an outfit to life too, with so many textures and colours to pick from. Be careful if you opt to go with a patterned belt, as you want to select a pattern that complements your outfit, instead of just matching it. These statement pieces can provide a much needed pop of colour to your outfit. Coloured wallets and glasses cases can tie your outfit together too. Think outside the box when it comes to accessorising to really stand out from the crowd.

Mango Man
Mango Man

Pick Clothes that Fit 

Oversized clothes might be in fashion these days, but they’re not always the most flattering. Choosing clothes that fit you properly and are well tailored will make you look so much better. Make sure you’re selecting the right size, especially if you’ve recently gained or lost weight. You may go to have your suits tailored, but don’t think about fit when it comes to your regular clothing. You can measure yourself to determine which sizes are best for you, so when you’re shopping you know exactly what you’re looking for. Slim fit chinos and well-fitting shorts will make all of the difference to your summer outfit. You’ll feel much more comfortable with clothes that fit too, so it’s a win win scenario. We hope that we’ve shown you how to add to your wardrobe or to rediscover old items that you had discounted. With summer on the way, you can use these tips to enjoy the weather in style.


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