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Why Lifting Weights Can Help You Lose Body Fat

It can often be difficult to strike the right balance between meeting your cardio fitness goals whilst also creating a lean and toned figure. Putting more of an emphasis on strength training can over time allow for increased muscle growth as well as contribute to your fat loss goals. We will discuss how whey protein can help support the development of lean muscle, along with the best time to take it. Nutrition is also an essential component in the quest to be your best self and we will look at the top foods to include in your diet to increase your metabolism as well as some exercises proved to create an enviable physique. Finally, we will look at how strength training can improve your mental health and overall wellbeing.

What types of exercises should I be doing? 

Cardiovascular activity is a great way to jump-start the fat loss process. It increases the volume of oxygen reaching your muscles by increasing your red blood cell count. It improves circulation and it also helps to reduce anxiety and stress. However, strength training can also give you some big gains in the quest to increase muscle mass. Not only does it increase your metabolic rate, it will increase bone density as well. Training with weights also gives you added bonus of long-term calorie burns meaning long after your work out has finished, your body will continue to burn off calories. Upper body exercises such as chest presses and bicep curls increase stamina and help build lean muscles whilst hamstring curls and leg lifts are for strengthening the lower body and providing greater muscle definition. Supreme Nutrition’s ‘Diet Whey Protein’ is perfect pre or post workout, helping you to achieve a leaner and more defined physique.

Getting your Nutrition in check  

All of your hard work at the gym will be for nothing unless you can develop a consistent and healthy eating plan designed to complement your strength training. Proteins are a staple due to the thermic effect; this means that your metabolism will increase the metabolic rate in an effort to process the food. Protein uses its metabolic advantage to great effect kick-starting your fat loss and boosting your muscle mass. Studies have shown that people consuming 60 grams of whey protein per day have shown greater muscle gains in a six-month period compared to those who had not consumed it. Eggs are an incredibly rich source of protein, with the yolk containing essential vitamins A, D and E, while oily fishes such as salmon increase your omega-3 intake and gives you a massive 20g of protein per 100g serving. If you are a fan of cheese and yoghurt, ensuring you get your daily recommended helping could see you fit in another 23g of protein per day. Flax seeds are a great source of protein and fibre and can easily be incorporated into protein shakes for an added boost. Supreme Nutrition’s ‘Diet Whey’ is a perfect way to get this, as their product contains flax seeds and comes in a variety of flavours, from strawberries and cream to banana. This is a great way to develop your nutritional profile and keep your metabolism at its peak. You could also check out their Whey Protein Isolate Shake which is a more advanced product for those looking for something fast acting and of higher protein delivery.

Positive Outlook 

Anxiety levels have soared in recent years and a number of factors can play their parts such as stress from work and lack of sleep. Anxiety can wreak havoc not just on mental but physical health as well, but studies have shown that those who include strength training as part of their work out routine experience less anxiety and experience a more positive outlook. Training with weights can improve cognition, keeping us focused and alert during long working hours. It can even reduce fatigue meaning that we can relax quicker and benefit from a better night’s sleep. Resistance exercises release endorphins, the brain’s ‘happy’ chemical, improving mood and leading to an increase in self-esteem. We can also benefit from an improvement to our memory which can be further supplemented by the addition of oily fish and dark green leafy vegetables to our diets. Not only can we boost our mood by introducing strength training into our fitness plan but the sense of accomplishment we get from tackling a challenge head-on and working daily to achieve it can be unparalleled. As with any challenge, building the physique you want takes time, but by carefully planning your nutritional needs in advance, having a strong and well-thought through fitness plan tailored to your goals will undoubtedly get you on the right track. Whilst this is a personal goal there are plenty of sources of guidance and inspiration to be found, from the personal trainer at the gym to Supreme Nutrition’s dedicated support guide online. Lifting weights can indeed change your body, your mind and your life.


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