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How to Correctly Style Red Menswear

A little while ago bright red trousers were a thing… and I have no idea how? Burgundy, yeah that’s great but terracotta or coral red? Not for me. It’s too bold of a colour. It’s overkill, completely ruining a look or outfit. Saying this, when styled correctly red can work well in almost any situation. So, how to style it?


Red definitely works with patterns. From flannel designs and checkered prints, embroidery and stripes, red can be broken up easily with a variety of designs. Minimal details are effortlessly varied ensuring red is the statement colour, yet its hidden and broken down to be spread across the outfit. This can be seen with small prints on T-shirts coupled with fine red detailing on shoes. Just subtle ways to limit the power of the colour. Red is used in this way by brands such as Supreme, North face, Hugo Boss and Tommy Hilfiger who all break down the colour through various means like logos, branding or designs. Emphasising the fact that an excessive volume of red is not needed in order to stand out.

Luigi Bianchi Mantova
Luigi Bianchi Mantova

Tone it Down 

Balancing out red with neutral colours in other items of clothing is vital. Paired with any other powerful colour can make it instantly look like trash. Colours that compliment red the best are Black, Grey, Brown, Blue, White and possibly a few shades of green depending on colour management. Simplicity with neutral colours allows for red to take over as the complicated design colour, again pressing the point of using it in detailing. Neutral, contrasting colours give you the freedom to dress for any attire which stops the risk of overusing red or mixing with other, audacious colours.


One item only 

If worn as a statement piece such as a coat, jumper or shoes, you should stick to just that item in the entire outfit whilst toning down with darker neutral colours (no designs) keeping it very simple. Washed out trousers and white T-shirts help bring this look back down to earth, avoiding loud, garish announcements. Basic shoe colour matching can offer a different focal point for the outfit, taking away some of the focus from the statement piece.


Red is a brilliant as a colour used on bags and office accessories. For ties in particular, red is perfect, when paired up with a crisp white shirt it radiates a sense of power in both political and business spheres. Red rucksacks and backpacks will work with almost any outfit. Backpacks are allowed to clash colours and be as daring and brash as you like. Sunglasses, caps, hats and scarfs all pass the test of withstanding the power of red, making them ideal to pick up if you’re looking to add a bit of colour to your wardrobe this season.


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