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What to Wear When Paintballing

First-time paintball players worry about two things: what to wear and how to play. Professional paintball players can answer both of these questions. If you have rented a paintball field for a few hours with your friends, you have to make sure you are ready. 

1. Gloves 

Gloves are a very important part of every paintball attire. They protect the player’s hands from serious injuries. Furthermore, they also provide a better grip when holding the paintball gun. Read more about the best shooting gloves for paintball and choose which suits you best. Be prepared for a game that you won’t forget. Keep in mind two things when choosing: to be comfortable and to protect you.

2. Long Sleeved Clothes 

First, you must think about protecting yourself from paintballs. Even if they seem harmless, it is pretty painful to be hit by one. You can experience serious bruises and injuries. Therefore, if you plan to wear shorts and a sleeveless T-shirt, forget about it. You need to cover the skin. Otherwise, your elimination from the game may end with a trip to the hospital. You must use your clothes to create a protective barrier between your skin and the paintballs that may hit you. Even if it's too hot outside to wear long sleeves and sweatpants, you should consider doing so. Professional paintball players will recommend you wear as many layers as possible to protect your skin. However, you will have to consider the weather conditions. If you wear too many layers and get a sweat rash, you will no longer be able to move without pain, and you will get exhausted sooner than expected.  

3. Thick Layers 

Experts advice first-time paintball players to wear sweatpants and sweatshirts or even thicker layers of clothing for strategy. When you wear soft materials, the paintballs tend to break less often since the material absorbs a big part of the impact. If the paint does not easily break up on your attire, then your chances of getting shot automatically decrease, giving you more chance of winning.

4. Certain Colours 

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing your paintball attire is to consider only certain colours. You could choose camouflage or dark-coloured clothing. This way, you will prevent your enemies from detecting you with great ease. Professionals recommend you wear older clothes or clothes that you do not mind getting dirty and ruining since it's unlikely you'll be able to remove the pain stains afterwards. 

5. Clothes that Allow Movement 

Even if most paint is washable, think about the fact that you may also be crawling in the dirt or sneaking in the bushes. Hence, the risk of getting all sorts of stains on your clothes is pretty high. Choose clothes that allow free movement. When it comes to shoes, consider some that are very comfortable, like sneakers which are easy to run in. Another good option is combat boots for a sturdy grip and ankle support. However, be ready to get them dirty. Your security does not only rely on your attire. Consider the safety gear that you have to wear to protect yourself from paintballs. Therefore, think about purchasing paintball goggles and a hat. This way, you will protect your head. You can also purchase a mask which feature goggles to improve vision. If you wear a hat, you will not only protect your head from unpredictable shots but also from the sun. Make sure you choose appropriate attire for both comfort and protection.


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