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A Quick Guide to Spice Up a Basic White Tee

Dressing yourself for the day may require a lot of thinking over. Of course, you want to look good, but you also want to dress for comfort. If you simply don’t have time to mull over what to wear or if you’re just in a fashion rut, there’s a fail-proof piece of clothing for men that never goes out of style; white tees. White T-shirts are basic pieces that should not leave your closet, simply because they are versatile clothing items that can be used in a wide variety of looks.

Top It Off with a Jacket 

Whether you’re going for a James Dean look with a red windbreaker or a sleek leather jacket à la Tom Cruise, you’re definitely off stealing some hearts with your basic white T-shirt. Crew-neck white T-shirts can also be paired with a seasonal bomber jacket. Just make sure to keep the collars of your jacket and T-shirt symmetrical to balance the look. With this easy-to-cop combo, you can effortlessly transition from day strolls to Friday-night drinks without compromising style. Keep the look sleek and refined by choosing lightweight leather duffle bags instead of backpacks to store your stuff.

River Island
River Island

Keep It Casual with Blue Jeans 

A white short-sleeved shirt and blue jeans combo screams a comfortable yet no-nonsense style that anyone can achieve. This casual look is perfect for laid-back summer holidays over barbecue and beer with friends or a chill picnic with your significant other. Transform this seemingly basic look by adding a pair of Ray-Bans and wearing an engraved sandalwood watch, which instantly adds a rustic, homey vibe to your outfit. While a tight-fitted T-shirt looks more sophisticated, don’t be afraid to try a looser-fitting tee with a longer length. You’ve got Drake as your style inspiration when it comes to this hip, trendy combo. 

Channel the Prep Style 

For days when you want to look more put together, you can replace a bomber jacket with a Tweed or a linen blazer to match with your plain white T-shirt. This no-brainer look can be completed with a pair of chinos and your choice of a sleek carbon fiber belt, which is a stylish detail to add to your preppy look. This timeless outfit can still be spiced up for a more contemporary feel if you go for a minimalist trainer instead of your typical leather footwear. You can definitely wear this look on a party or a date night. But make sure to choose a fitted white T-shirt to highlight your masculine silhouette. It’s been proven that this look gets the attention every time.


Choose the Right Fit 

The fit of every piece of clothing you wear can make or break your entire look. To perfectly ace the classic white T-shirt outfit, there are some things you need to take note of. Your white T-shirt should be long enough that it covers your waistband and can be tucked into your trousers. It also has to fit perfectly around your neck, so make sure that it doesn’t show a huge gap around the neck when you lift your arms. As for the sleeves, they shouldn’t go longer than the elbow and should fit the arms just right (not too tight). 

Mix and Match 

The white T-shirt is a classic wardrobe staple and is a huge saviour for when you’re feeling too lazy to dress up. Just remember to get the right balance when styling this versatile piece, and you’ll be good to go in no time.


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