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5 Ways to Look Fresh Despite the Long Daily Commute

Commuting is an inevitable byproduct of tumultuous urban living — for most people, there is no going around it. They are caught up in situations where showering beforehand seems futile, the work outfit does not really fit, and uncomfortable new shoes drive one crazy. However, commuting does not have to take a big toll on your health and well-being and turn you into a battered mess. To make a positive change, pause for a moment and take a deep breath. Here are ways to go through all the transit trials and tribulations and still stay fresh, with not a hair out of place.

Dress comfortably 

Long rides require you to stand for a long time, the trains are crowded, and nothing is going your way. Well, do not add fuel to the fire with uncomfortable apparel and footwear. Luckily, there are many functional clothes that are also stylish. A pair of trainers is excellent for longer journeys and the same goes for light jeans and commuter-specific trousers. Instead of a backpack that can leave sweaty spots on the back, use basket or panniers. One other neat trick is to designate one shirt or tank top (merino wool is a favourite) just for commuting purposes and swap it out at work. Note that light colours do not conceal sweat well, so go for something darker.

Mind your eating habits 

Embrace a holistic approach to dealing with commutes. Get organised and make conscious decisions about reinforcing your health. First and foremost, good eating habits should not go out of the window just because you left through the front door. Do yourself a favour and avoid greasy snacks and junk foods while commuting: healthy lunch equals a healthy body. There are many wholesome meals like chicken wraps and noodles that are easy to prepare and pack at home. It is always a safe bet to bring a salad along or some hydrating fruits for lunch. Just remember to stay hydrated as well, especially if you are sweating a lot. In other words, always have a bottle of water at hand. 

Walking and biking 

We know how it is juggling a variety of daily obligations, but do not get trapped in a constant rush. Walk as much as you can before and after the commute. The benefits of walking really kick in after you start stretching your legs for 30 minutes a day. You have a chance here to torch some calories, improve the mood, and become fitter. So, walk to the farthest bus stop or underground station, during work breaks, etc. If that does not sound like your cup of tea, opt for biking and take it easy. Give yourself enough time to immerse in the ride and have cycling essentials around. Upon arriving at the destination, wait a few minutes before going into the office.

Deal with stress 

Try to keep your commutes stress-free. Nothing makes you age faster and appear exhausted as stress. Find a relieving workout that makes you forget about the daily grind. Even 10 intense activity minutes can work wonders for your mental and physical health, so do not use your tight schedule as an excuse. Yoga in the morning is one of the best tactics to face another day with a smile on your face. But, we would encourage you to do whatever floats your boat. For example, you can think outside the box and check out what Charlie King has thought of. Namely, we are given an opportunity to let go of built-in frustration and rage by attacking a giant punch bag offered by PlayOJO to London commuters. This mini workout melts away the stress like few other things. 

The right hairstyle 

It goes without saying you need to groom your hair to look perfect in any condition. There is no shortage of hairstyles that look great even after a lengthy helmet siege. In case you have long hair, for instance, it would be wise to go for a top knot. This will prevent those pesky, sweaty strands from plastering themselves to your neck and face. One nice alternative would be to draw the hair back into a loose braid. Of course, feel free to explore the spectrum of styles further. One final piece of advice is to take advantage of dry shampoo, which is a real life-saviour on humid days. Just spray it over and breathe new life into your hair. You will never have to cope with a bad hair day at work again.

Buckle up and cut a dash 

Most people are filled with dread even thinking about packed trains, unbearable heat, annoying delays, and other nuisances of commuting. No, you cannot lock yourself inside and wait it out, but we have showcased some surefire tactics to preserve great looks and your sanity. Therefore, it is time to get smart about the clothes you wear. Work your culinary magic in the kitchen and bring healthy meals. Go with the flow instead of being in a perpetual chase. Throw some fitness into the daily routine mix and focus on things that chip away at the frustration. Watch the busy world pass you by and enter the office utterly fresh, cool, and presentable.


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