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5 Autumn Menswear Trends According to Instagram Influencers

The front rows are empty and the catwalks are clear; London, New York, Paris and Milan fashion week are wrapped up for another season. To make sure you look sharp this season we’ve pulled together the biggest Autumnal trends from the runways and those worn by your favourite Instagram influencers. From fresh takes on the traditional suit to daring autumn shades, this season promises to mix up your wardrobe with key pieces you’ll love to wear.

1. Brown is the new black  

Brown; once a staple of the 1970s (and hasn’t really been seen a lot since) is back on the scene. For this season, as demonstrated recently on the runway, beautiful brown hues are being tailored and knitted with suits and jumpers helping it make a huge comeback. 

How Instagram Influencers are wearing this trend: If you’re looking to join the cocoa crowd this autumn, be sure to aim for a lighter shade closer to milk chocolate to stay bang on trend. Raheem Nelson enters autumn wearing a warm taupe, channelling Mad Men 1960s vintage, partnering the look with a trilby and thick framed glasses: Whilst Carl Thompson showcases a combination of a brown suit jacket with a matching overcoat:

Photo: Carl Thompson
Photo: Carl Thompson

2. Tartan out of Ten 

Fashion rules state that clashing patterns should be avoided at all costs, AW18 collections beg to differ. Scottish heritage got one hell of a salute from Italian designer Donatella Versace, who led this season with what has been described as her best collection in years. Models donned bright tartan and plaid suits on the runway, from Clueless yellow to traditional reds and greens. Whether you are on streets of London or in the Scottish Highlands, it seems you can’t go wrong with pairing, or mismatching, plaids and tartans for the ultimate autumn look.  

How Instagram Influencers are wearing this trend: Everything is safe this season when it comes to plaid patterns, and it seems the bolder the colours, the better. They’re meant to be a statement and should be showcased from head to toe. To make sure you’re turning the most heads with your bold look, team your plaid/tartan look with an equally striking patterned tie, like Instagram influencer Matt, who showcases the latest trends on this Instagram account: The Cardinal Man.

Photo: Craig Landale
Photo: Craig Landale

3. Trendy tactile textiles 

When you hear corduroy you immediately get flashes of That 70s Show or The Big Bang Theory’s Leonard Hofstadter’s hideous brown suit. But, as demonstrated by top designers, corduroy and the collection of heavy fabrics it falls into (corduroy, herringbone and velvet) are perfect for an on-trend formal look this season. With the right fit and styling, men of all ages can cut a sharp figure in a corduroy suit, just like any other vertical-pattern fabric. 

How Instagram Influencers are wearing this trend: The key with this trend is to ensure the perfect fit. If you are buying off the rack ensure that you ask a tailor to add a slight taper to the legs of the trousers. Corduroy has the risk of making its wearer look like a beanbag if the fit is off, so look for a suit that is crisp and slim. If this fabric isn’t for you, you can still try another tactile textile. Neil Thornton can be seen rocking a velvet blue suit jacket as his one textured item of clothing, perfect for upcoming parties and a trend that comes around again and again:

Photo: Craig Landale
Photo: Craig Landale

4. Colour me tailored 

This season, we recommend you experiment with coloured tailoring. Veer from the standard black, blue and grey suits and head for the rich autumn/winter shades, including plums, teals, greens and browns. If you are more adventurous, brighter suits are also in fashion. Rock up to your next event in a pillar-box red, berry pink or forest green three-piece-suit – the trend all about wearing tailored trousers and suit jackets in the same less ordinary colour. Who knows, once you try a coloured suit you may never go back to black again. 

How Instagram Influencers are wearing this trend: Coloured tailoring has become a wider rebellion against the traditional suit colours and is popular with the millennial crowd looking to make their mark on the business world. However, it is a trend that is accessible by all, it is just a matter of finding the right shades for your complexion. As Raheem Nelson demonstrates by wearing his rich burgundy suit. If you’re not quite ready to brave the bolder colours, you can stay within the blue shades you're more comfortable with, as shown here by Toni Tran and this stylish teal suit.

Photo: Toni Tran
Photo: Toni Tran

5. Pinstripes: A blast from the past 

Pinstripes have a reputation for being dated. Yet pinstripe suits have the ability to make everyone look like Patrick Bateman or Jordan Belfort; basically a Wall Street big wig from the 80s. The vertical stripes have become synonymous with this financier image set by alpha males in the 1980s. After years of decreasing in popularity, making way for check, plaid, Tweed and bold coloured suits to take the spotlight, pinstripes have once again re-emerged as a season favourite for autumn 2018. Alexander McQueen brought out the pinstripes in force when showcasing his AW18 collection. Showing off a mixture of red and white stripes on black tailoring. Whereas Off/White contrasted this look with modernised pinstripes - Virgil Abloh put on a show of slouched and relaxed pinstripe looks - coining the collection as 'Business Casual', as opposed to the traditional tight and slim fit attributed to the pattern.  

How Instagram Influencers are wearing this trend: If the thought of a slouched or even slim fit pinstripe suit doesn’t suit your style you can still partake in the trend. Instead, pair pinstriped men’s formal shirts with plain suits, coloured if you want to tick off another autumnal trend. It will have the impact of the pinstripe trend, without the risk of looking like a banker from decades past. You can even take a leaf out of a fashion influencer’s book and, like Kyle, wear it in a relaxed fashionable way. However, if you feel a sense of nostalgia for pinstripes, like Carl here, you can conquer autumn in a casual non-iron shirt showcasing vertical stripes and look suave while doing so.

Photo: Craig Landale
Photo: Craig Landale


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