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Keeping Menswear Trends in Check on the Cheap

If it wasn't already completely obvious, the upkeep of the latest runway fashions is a bank draining habit to be involved with. Unfortunately, many of us are obsessed with infusing the latest prints, colours, cuts and embellishments into our already heaving wardrobes. It's a problem. And with the latest autumn and winter trends hitting stores, a lot of us are left concerned for the state of our bank accounts.

From Fendi's longline leather jackets to Prada making the bucket hat somehow miraculously work, it's not exactly perplexing to see why we were practically foaming at the mouths at these runway attires. But short of making a disastrous financial decision and bringing a Gucci embroidered check shirt into our lives (which on one hand may make us feel fulfilled, but would also set us back by over £1,000). Well, it's time to start seriously considering how dedicated fashion followers can get the look without paying the equivalent of a deposit for a house.

Angelo Nardelli
Angelo Nardelli

Adopt a Minimalist Attitude to Fashion 

More and more, our consumerist habits are highlighted as a fundamental issue in terms of the environment. So taking a more minimalist approach to our quickly expanding wardrobes is probably a pretty timely decision we all need to be making – and not only to relieve our wallets either. To have a minimalist wardrobe is to limit yourself to carefully picked and, just as importantly, adored pieces that are sustainable and will see you through the years. These are your staple pieces. As the seasons come and go, you can swap out the summer for the winter and still maintain timeless items that needn't be thrown away and replaced each year. A trench coat for winter or a denim jacket for the summer can last for years if you pay for quality. As for hitting those focused trends? You can then infiltrate your capsule wardrobe with a small section of worthy additions rather than revamping and flushing out your entire wardrobe.


What's in a Staple Piece? 

So, staple pieces? What are they? Well, much like bricks and cement might be your foundations to build a house, staples are the blank canvas in which you build upon your wardrobe. No one needs multiple pairs of jeans or ten t-shirts. All you need is one pair of jeans in black and blue in your chosen cut. t-shirts should be limited to neutral tones. Put simply, black, white and grey. As the crux of the rest of your outfit, it's a good idea to invest in your staple pieces. They'll be your most worn item, therefore you don't want to have to keep replacing them because you chose cheap prices over quality materials. For £19.50, you can buy 100% cotton t-shirts from Banana Republic in a range of colours. Whilst this may cost double the amount you'd perhaps like to pay for one t-shirt, a one-off splurge is better in the long run for both your bank account and that sustainable wardrobe you're meant to be working on. Staples go beyond jeans and t-shirts. A leather jacket is a great seasonal transitional layer and never goes out of style, much like the denim jacket. Footwear, like a polished Chelsea boot or a pair of Brogues will also see you through.


Designer Labels with Voucher Codes 

Now, hear us out. You may not think voucher codes and designer labels go hand-in-hand, but you'd be wrong. Websites like My Favourite Voucher Codes not only save those precious pennies at retailers like Banana Republic, but also top designers like Gant and Guess. Peruse the latest runway collections through Cruise Fashion and Flannels, too. Not lowering yourself to the depths of cutting out coupons from a newspaper, you can safely peruse all those collections you're desperate to have in your clutches at a less detrimental price. Just ensure if your heart is set on purchasing the real deal, that you ensure the trend-led piece could still make a reappearance beyond this year's seasonal must-haves. 

Make Trends Work for You 

The true definition of style is to have an affinity towards fashion, but also to take the current trends and innovate them into your own. No one wants to look the same and it's key to remember that dressing is a form of self-expression. So whilst this year check and cowboy tassels might be in, that doesn't have to mean you ensure you're ticking every box. It also means you'll have an overall more classic, put together look. With your trusty staple pieces and a few token items as a nod to the runways, you'll be a catwalk god without all the unnecessary fanfare.

Luigi Bianchi
Luigi Bianchi

Find Hidden Gems with High End Thrifting 

Getting into the nitty gritty of fashion may be the only obstacle to prove your loyalties. But it's all worth it when you come up trumps. Whilst rifling through moth eaten cardies and faintly mouldy smelling trousers may not be your idea of a shopping spree, sometimes getting your hands a bit dirty is the only way to work designer labels into your wardrobe. When on a budget, we simply decorate it up by calling it vintage. Well, we're not wrong. Whilst your local charity shops don't leave much to the imagination, scouting out charity shops and vintage fairs in more affluent areas could mean you strike gold. In parts of London near Notting Hill and off the Kings Road, there is likely to be a gem or two to sniff out. When it comes to affording high fashion, it doesn't always have to be about finding loopholes or hopping into an alternative universe where we can drop £300 on a pair of trainers once a week. Shopping more consciously helps us to save the money and the planet and likely means you'll make far better fashion choices rather than constantly feeling breathless from trying to keep up. Subtly accenting your timeless outfits with the latest trends is the way to always look on top of your game and achieve sleek, sharp style.


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