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Men’s Style Guide to Dressing for the Airport Runway

Fashion conscious individuals can often feel that every scenario is an opportunity to dress up and showcase their style. But when it comes to cruising through the airport, suitcase rolling behind, bleary eyed by the sometimes early check-in times, comfort should be your ultimate priority. That's not to say you can't still look good, though. From holiday tips to securing Cheap Airport Parking, this guide will ensure you’re dressed correctly next time you're about to catch a flight. Whilst the type of outfit you wear to the airport should be relatively obvious, there are still a lot of fashion faux pas made by global travellers. Short of leaving you to commit your own crime against fashion, let us first highlight what is worth considering when it comes to hitting the airport runway.

Never Dress for Your Destination 

In the eager anticipation to hop on that flight and put a few thousand miles between you and home, you may find yourself willing to forego all rationality and dress ready to hit the beach or slopes, respectively. The fact of the matter is, the airport nor the plane is that destination or, indeed, that climate. Find the middle ground and avoid being either too hot or too cold. Planes are air conditioned, so no one wants to be stuck on a four hour flight shivering in their shorts and sliders.

Don't Wear Unnecessary or Awkward Accessories 

No one particularly gets a kick out of the slow shuffle through airport security, however time can be won back. Don't overload with jewellery and accessories. Whilst not all the time, you don't want to be the one setting off the metal detectors because of one piece of jewellery. Of course, you can always remove and deposit it into the provided trays, however it's worth considering whether wearing these items is essential at all. Think of the time it adds at the beginning and end of the procedure, causing further delays. Pack jewellery and footwear with laces and buckles into your hold and opt for more a more simple style. 

There's No Need to Dress Up for Your Flight 

You might be hoping for an upgrade to business class by dressing like you're a CEO but seriously, this is never going to happen. Especially for long haul flights, save time and avoid putting too much into your appearance. After all, the look we're all trying to achieve is when we look effortlessly good. Now is your chance to put that to the test. Comfort should be your top priority when travelling and the flight attendants will forgive you if you don't look your best – though we doubt they'll even notice.

What Men Should Wear for a Comfortable Flight 

With an increase in fashionable loungewear, dressing for the airport really shouldn't be a problem. Investing in quality loungewear will allow you to feel comfortable whilst holding onto some semblance of style. With that being said, what types of clothing should you aim for when you're heading to the airport for your flight? Loose clothing like T-shirts and joggers. Add elements of interest by opting for a graphic tee rather than one of your basics. An extra layer to allow you to regulate your temperature, whether you're too hot or too cold. Easy to slip on footwear and don't forget socks in case you have to take shoes off in the airport, too. For short haul flights, you may find you can get away with your favourite pair of jeans or trousers, as long as they provide comfort and the ability to easily move; it all comes down to personal preference. Keep circulation flowing and ensure you really relax by sitting back and relaxing, especially when you're up in the air. Although we'd suggest avoiding clunky footwear at all costs, there is room to save space in your luggage by wearing any large coats you may be taking with you, especially if you're heading to the ski slopes. This is a great layer if you're feeling the cold and you'll have more room in your suitcase for any other items you're desperate to take – like those massive ski boots that would definitely be too much hassle at security.

When it comes down to it, airport style is all about what you shouldn't wear as opposed to what you should. With so many hoops to jump through and differing conditions, finding the right balance shouldn't be complex. Simple but chic should always be your mantra.


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