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Introducing SuperdrySport AW18

If there has ever been a British streetwear brand that best engenders the mavericks of tomorrow, it's Superdry. Since its inception into sportswear back in June 2016, Superdry have continued to operate beyond the quotidian of convention. This AW18 SuperdrySport’s content series: ‘My Playground. My Rules’ is a series of short multi-layered explorative films that will centre around a community who take a different approach to sport. The inaugural episode directed by Shaun James Grant centres around the Barsparta calisthenics collective based in London, UK.

So, what is calisthenics? Sounds like a support act for Hot Chip, or some weird astronaut food, right? Little did I know its effectively bodyweight exercises often performed rhythmically and with minimal equipment. Barsparta is a calisthenics organisation founded in 2013 by Jay Chris and Anthony Ferguson that offers a safe and free place for young people to train.

This AW18, SuperdrySport invite you to a world where self-expression and uniqueness is celebrated, inclusion is a norm. The newly released video follows the Barsparta collective in their urban habitat doing handstands on balcony rails, flipping incredulously across basketball hoops and scaffolding.

SuperdrySport has provided the wardrobe for the video, although no doubt the community and the brand would hate to be subjugated to anything resembling conformity. That said, the two are perfectly entwined. Equally unrestrained. Barsparta looks to be a refreshing release for a society cultivated by the immediacy of fast food and tech-distractions. In short, it's great to see this collaboration between Superdry and Barsparta empowering the younger generation, encouraging mobility and expressionism.

The SuperdrySport product has been split into three capsules this season: Core, Active and Performance; ensuring that it has your active-wear wardrobe covered for whatever pace you set yourself. One of the standout pieces from the collection is the men’s combat camo hoodie. It perfectly identifies with the man in search of a throw-on hoodie for the weekend for a sporty look or rocking it after a slog at the gym. With textured logo across the body that continues onto the reverse, and a drawstring hood, it's a statement of intent.

Men’s and women’s ‘Core’ collection works bold blocked and linear logos in a monochrome colour palette to create strong athleisure undertones. Woven overlay mixes and gym tech pique fabrics are finished with slick coated zips. Reflective design details ensure night visibility, fusing urban styling with practicality.

The ‘Active’ range is uncontested for garments that can equally boast fashion with utility. Sweat-wicking and ventilated materials allow quick drying and breathable separates, ideal for both indoor and outdoor training. There is also a distinct correlation between the fluro-brights and neons, and the increase in awareness for night time safety. As well as bringing a fresh energy to the collection, the colour palettes are demonstratively visible to oncoming traffic, essential for winter training and ideal for those icy early morning runs.

The introduction of compression fabrics will ensure SuperdrySport’s ‘Performance’ wear has your back during high energy exercise. Training, goal-orientated product includes lightweight layers, heat reflecting patterns and waterproof/windproof lamination. As an addendum to the old adage, 'go hard or go home' with Superdry logos you may as well go big or go back to... wherever it is you came from that had tiny sport motif logos. Of course, there are minimal logo hoodies, but when in Rome right?

I've personally picked out the Superdry overhead hoodie with a large textured Superdry Sport logo on the chest, ribbed hem and cuffs. Ameliorating your look and a visual uptick for your sports-casual game. Bonded and taped seams ensure maximum movement, support and comfort. Never afraid of bending or breaking rules, this collection lets you set or twist the boundaries. Play outside the lines with SuperdrySport AW18.

Peter Brooker

Peter is a published author on men's style, writer for the Metro Online, a huge James Bond fanatic and the host of our very own MenswearStyle podcast show.

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