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Bullet & Bone Launch Sports Care Skin Recovery Range

Firstly, hat's off to a great name. I love the name Bullet & Bone, you could attach that to anything. It could be the next Jason Statham movie, the next Artic Monkey's album; the list is endless. Alas Bullet & Bone is none of the above, but a breakthrough ‘sports care’ category with its inaugural range of four, premium skincare products designed to enhance sporting performance and aid recovery.

I was introduced to Bullet & Bone as part of a press event at BXR Gym in London lead by Physical activity expert and world-renowned sports scientist and Olympian; Greg Whyte. Greg has the hugest calves I've ever seen on a human being. That is no way relevant to this article, but I wanted you all to know that Greg Whyte has indefatigable calves.

I rowed dismally in comparison to my fellow sports writers and influencers. We were all humbled to learn of the record 5km pace set by James Cracknell on the Ergo who averaged 1.29m/500m for 5km. In a team of 6 we averaged a 0.38/500m. A much needed ERGO tip from Greg Whyte: "You might wonder why rowers have huge asses?! Because you've got to pull back from your legs. It's all in the legs when you row and then pull through on the arms after you've extended."

Next up we were tasked to throw the same amount of punches as Anthony Joshua did in his win against Alexander Povetkin; 256. Sounds easy right? Well actually it was, because the bag didn't punch back, and I've had boxing coaching in the past. I was also aided heavily by the Bullet & Bone Vapour Balm which enabled my breathing and momentarily curbed my head cold. I was riddled with a head cold, but I turned up because I have a little something called grit. Plus, I wanted to see this gym, rumoured to be the London work out retreat of Daniel Craig (Unconfirmed by members of staff when quizzed).

Lastly, I ran, like the wind. A very small fleeting, 'blink and you'll miss it' wind. Again, we were given an Olympians frame of reference, Mo Farah won the Chicago Marathon in 2.05 hours, averaging 20.1km. I lasted about 1 minute and a half on the treadmill at that pace. Did I mention I had a damn cold!? I'm no stranger to the treadmill, however no Bullet & Bone muscle activation cream was going to see me usurp that record anytime soon. That pace was insanity. To think that was an average pace, Mo would have surpassed this speed as he went through the gears.

"As a sports scientist and former Olympian, I’m often asked for advice on how to achieve marginal gains. Getting the most out of your session takes more than just hard work. I was pleased to learn that Bullet & Bone addresses a gap in the market with a range of products specifically designed to optimise your preparation, your session and your recovery." 

The innovation was informed by Bullet & Bone’s recognition that time poor, active men will invest in the latest sporting equipment, gadgets and food supplements to enhance their sporting prowess, but there’s a gap in the market for potent, ‘all-in-one’ skincare tools that help to warm up, optimise performance and cool down. Also, the aromas are amazing. I was enamoured with the vapour balm especially, being able to battle through a head cold and not smelling like VIX in the company of others is a huge win-win for me.

“Each sports care product contains targeted, evidence-based properties that should assist with those all-important marginal gains. The power base of three active natural ingredients across the range of maca extract, magnesium and jasmine – like any sporting ritual - are likely to be helpful for all levels of sportsmen." - Professor Greg Whyte.

What the products succeeded in doing was engaging my skin to a feeling of neutral relaxation after each endurance exercise. Almost like a thin layer of heat to bring it to activation before the workout, and turn it down a notch afterwards. This is a truly British brand, developed, tested and manufactured at state-of-the-art facilities in the UK by a team of experts with over 40 years’ experience. Not tested on animals neither. Further components in the ranges are tailored and engineered to assist with those all-important marginal gains in the gym and maximise performance in competitive sport.

Bullet & Bone Muscle Activating Rub will give muscles and joints an instant kick-start using rapidly absorbed, warming and stimulating ginger, black pepper and willow bark. 

Bullet & Bone Vapour Release Balm is the first of its kind to perform functionally and be pleasurable to apply and wear on the skin. The soft wax opens the airwaves with menthol and eucalyptus extracts while jasmine, lemon and coffee beans enhance concentration, alertness and stamina. 

Bullet & Bone Protective Moisturising Spray channels the efficacy of 11 essential oils in a lightweight, non-greasy formula that provides protection from the elements and can be reapplied before, during and after being active. It’s also lightly fragranced with fresh aloe vera and jasmine to aid concentration and focus. 

Bullet & Bone Cooling Recovery Body Wash after a workout will aid cooling down and muscle recovery. Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom salts) aids muscle recovery while menthol, eucalyptus and peppermint alongside essential oils pack a punch to ensure this high performing wash will stop perspiration, revive and ensure you’re ready to go.

Who are these products for? 

A premium brand for athletes looking to ease into a workout after a long day in the office or maximise performance ahead of competing on track or field. An ideal (dare I say it) Christmas gift for your gym buddy, workout partner or girlfriend that forces you to watch the athletics instead of the footy. Each variant is carefully designed and packaged to seamlessly fit in with both your high-octane lifestyle and sports bag.

Greg Whyte and Winston Squire
Greg Whyte and Winston Squire

Peter Brooker

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