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Discover Maestro Dobel Tequila

A new tequila has just landed in the country from Mexico. And we are talking about the premium variety, not the cheap kind that has no taste and potentially gives you a terrible hangover! Within the Maestro DOBEL collection there are four different spirits and of those four there are two new world firsts. Using unique distillation methods, eleven generations of mastery have enabled Maestro DOBEL to re-invent the super-premium tequila. The label is named after the creator, Juan-Domingo “Dobel” Beckmann, and each vintage-inspired bottle is numbered, dated and signed by him. The tequilas are a single estate blend that are produced in small batches, enabling the family business to concentrate on their craft and create the finest spirits.

The agave (a plant native to the arid regions of Mexico and Southwestern United States) used to make the tequila is grown in volcanic soil, on the family’s property in Jalisco. It is left to grow for at least eight years before it is harvested for the production process. Blue agave is usually used in tequila whereas other types of agave can be used for other varieties of mezcal. Maestro DOBEL use 100% blue agave for their spirits which gives it the reputation of a truly refined and ‘premium’ product. Tequila was originally produced in the 16th century and it remains to this day as a highly popular spirit which is drunk neat (as traditionally preferred in Mexico) or as part of a cocktail.

Maestro DOBEL Diamante

MenswearStyle were lucky enough to try this variety of the Maestro DOBEL collection. It is the world’s first ever multi-aged, crystal clear tequila. The unique blend, distilled and finished in Balkan wood, makes it an extremely smooth spirit and it is advised to sip it neat or on the rocks, to fully enjoy its flavour. The glass-like appearance of this ‘crisitalino’ is achieved using carbon filtration which removes any colour in the liquid but avoids any loss in flavour. As with all their other tequilas, it has a strength of 40%, so it certainly has a kick, mostly due to its high concentration of agave. Expect aromas of wood, maple and cinnamon as well as notes of caramel, honey and vanilla. 

Maestro DOBEL Humito

This is another world first for the DOBEL collection as this is a smoked silver tequila. Mesquite wood is used during the cooking process of the agave plant which gives it a deep, smokey and aromatic flavour. Complex notes of encino oak are evident, alongside buttery caramel, olive and dried fruit. You might also notice some delicate floral tones as well as roasted nuts and vanilla. This would make a great component for a wintery cocktail.

Maestro DOBEL Añejo

After a taste, you might closely associate this tequila with whisky. For this particular spirit the agave is picked whilst the soil is dry. This enables a higher concentration of sugar to filtrate into the liquid and the flavour of agave is extremely rich and intense. The ageing of the tequila takes place over three years in roasted oak barrels, drawing out even more aroma and giving the spirit its golden colour. Sipping it neat, you will immediately notice the smokey notes from the roasted wood with hints of pineapple, almond, cinnamon and caramel. Due to the smooth and long finish, it can also be used in cocktails and would go really well with a piece of luxurious chocolate. 

Maestro DOBEL Silver

This tequila is double distilled in traditional copper alembic stills to make it an extremely pure spirit. A huge amount of care and diligence is gone into the picking of the agave to ensure a smooth and full-bodied tequila is created. This variety in the collection has a touch of sweetness to it with subtle spicy notes. There are also touches of vanilla and butterscotch in the flavour. Like the Diamante, this is probably best enjoyed neat or on the rocks. 

Maestro DOBEL is available to buy online from Master of Malt, The Whisky Exchange and Drinks Direct. If you enjoy a tequila cocktail, you can find it served in a variety of premium hotels and bars in London, such as The Lanesborough and Nobu.

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