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Gadgets for the Modern Bachelor Pad

Your apartment is an extension of yourself, and for bachelors this means creating the ultimate living quarters. There are many ways to upgrade a regular home to the status of bachelor pad, and one of the most effective is to invest in the latest gadgets. So, with that in mind, here are some essential gadgets you need in your flat—all categorised according to your most basic needs.

Bathroom staples  

Unless you want to look like a caveman, you need to get yourself a good quality shaver. Wirecutter suggests you get the Braun Series 7 760cc, which sells for around £200 on Amazon. Apart from a shaver, you can also install a motion-activated night light in your bathroom for those annoying 3am leaks—now you don’t have to stumble in the dark.

Cleaning essentials 

The Telegraph in their article on the top 7 vacuum cleaners describe how upright hoovers are often the most popular choice as they’re easy to use, control, and store. The Dyson cinetic "Big Ball" upright vacuum cleaner, which costs around £230, is given a rating of 9/10 and would fit in perfectly with any modern home. You can also get the newest Roomba if you don’t want to do it yourself. These can be conveniently controlled through the Roomba app. 

Smart devices 

A bachelor’s pad should impress and the latest way to show off your property is to turn it into a smart home. You can get the Samsung JU6500 Smart TV, which has a 48-inch curved multi-link screen with a built-in Wi-Fi and intelligent navigation. Smart plugs, lights, and speakers are also great investments. The smart home devices on Screwfix shows the wide variety of gadgets that can be connected to the internet in order to be controlled at the touch of a button. These range from heating to smart plug sockets. Just connect them all to a reliable home internet system and you’re set. Not only will they make your life easier and more fun, but they can also help you be more energy-efficient.

Kitchen tools 

You don’t really want to live on takeaways your entire life, so it’s wise to get your little kitchen a good all-around oven so you can bake, roast, grill, or reheat anything, and the Breville Toaster can do that for you for less than £120. If you want a kitchen that is set up to serve you, you can get yourself a smart coffeemaker like the Smarter Coffee 2.0, which sells for about £195. You can set it to “Welcome Home” and “Wake Up” modes, so you have a steaming cup of coffee when you need it. 

Security features 

With all these great gadgets in your home, you need to make sure your house is secure. Set up a home security system that you can also connect to your smart home network. It doesn’t even have to be elaborate, just a few security cameras, automatic lights, and a doorbell with a video feature will do. If you have a big enough space, you can get whole-home systems, which include lighting, shades, and thermostat control. But if you don’t know where to begin, you can always contact smart home surveyors to tell you what you need or do not need. We’ve written about the Maplin Smart Home surveyors and how they offer a free smart home survey to help you discuss your preferences.


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