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How to Up Your Game with a Large Frame

Gentlemen with a large frame or full figure have always felt they do not belong to the fashion industry, or being a style dandy is not their cup of tea. But this is just a fallacy and with the right styling tips, even men with a bulging gut can make a confident style statement. Today, the fashion industry is flooded with apparels and accessories for all sizes and all you need to do is figure your taste and comfort to make the fashion police make you another fashion sensation. So, if you're looking forward to reinventing your style then check out eye-catching offers and coupons and become a trendsetter in your plus size figure by following these style tips.

Don’t follow trends blindly

Trends are to be followed, true, but only those trends that enhance your personality and doesn’t result in a faux pas. Many will say be a trendsetter or follow your instincts, but as much as they are right, so are the fashion police. So, if you're planning to restyle yourself, keep an eye on recent trends and fuse it with your style and figure, so that you don’t feel uncomfortable and embarrassed.


Introduce large coats to your wardrobe

Often men with large body types stick to contemporary style. But large coats, mufflers, and hats give a very modern and polished look. Often people with a large frame look for options to hide that extra weight and large coats are perfect for that as they can hide any areas your self conscious about. 

Wear fitted clothes

When a man with a large frame wears loose fitted clothes to hide his torso, he looks bigger and sloppy. So, the best way of dealing with a heavy frame is to wear fitted clothes whether formal or casual as it will actually not accentuate the bulges and will certainly give you better shape.


Don’t wear heavy fabrics

Even though it might look regal and a must to have in your wardrobe, heavy fabrics will simply add to your discomfort. When a heavy man wears heavy fabrics, it makes him look even bulkier not to mention uncomfortable and awkward. It will also lead to excessive sweating and chaffing, so it is advisable to opt for straight trousers made from stretch fabrics. 

Avoid intricate patterns and graphics

When a man has a larger figure, then he needs to mellow down his menswear and avoid experimenting with patterns. An intricate pattern or loud graphics will make you look hefty. So, alternatively go simple with dark colours and classic with subtle patterns such as paisley or light striped (vertical) shirts (avoid checks or windowpanes).


Having a large frame is no reason to restrict yourself from actually living life. So, if all you ever dream of is to be a fashion icon and to not be judged for the way you are, then implement these style tips and be a role model for others in the league.


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