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Quick Safety Tips for Winter Driving

This year we all bore witness to the impetuosity of the British weather. The beast from the east took malicious pleasure in wreaking havoc on the UK highways. So much so, the Met Office issued a red snow warning (meaning a potential risk to life) and up to 1,000 people in Scotland had to sleep in their cars overnight.

As a new car owner, I'll be one of the many thousands making that pilgrimage home up to see the family, torturing my passenger girlfriend by mumbling along to 'Driving Home for Christmas' on repeat (did you know Chris Rea wrote that song as he was driving back to Middlesbrough from London because the record company refused to pay for his train fare?).

I for one don't intend to be found out should the British weather swing its pendulum from nippy to Mr frost on a capricious whim. I've already invested in a car with ABS (anti-locking break system) and heated seats. The girlfriend has compiled a catalogue of all her horrible music (non-negotiable I'm afraid, unless the footy is on the wireless) and I have carefully curated a collection of sartorial reads to pass the time. We also have down coats, boots, blankets and snacks such as bottles of water and energy bars in the boot just in case we find ourselves stranded overnight. It’s always better to have a contingency plan in place for the worst case scenario.

I won't be running the gauntlet on the icy roads neither. I'll switch to winter run flat tyres once the weather really turns and I know to drive in a higher gear in the snow (try and slowly set off in 2nd gear to avoid wheel spin). If you've never used snow chains, it's good to know that you lay them flat on the ground and drive onto them before clipping them together. To ensure you don't get found out in times of peril, you might want to check whether your Car Insurance offers break down cover and roadside assistance. Companies like Aviva offer both to help you get to your destination during harsh weather conditions. 

*This article is sponsored by Aviva

Aviva cover options include being towed to a nearby garage for you, your vehicle and up to 7 passengers and access to a replacement vehicle with enhanced options available. Varying other benefits could really save your proverbial bacon, but ultimately you need to be prepared. For example, before setting out, be sure to have your policy number and the registration, make and model of your vehicle to hand. Above all, just be as prepared as possible for the potential long ride home.

Peter Brooker

Peter is a published author on men's style, writer for the Metro Online, a huge James Bond fanatic and the host of our very own MenswearStyle podcast show.

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