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Must-Know Winter 2019 Menswear Trends

With the warm welcome of the New Year, it is such a cliché to talk about the chilling weather and the suitable fashion trends to opt for in extreme temperatures. Whether you love being dressed up smart with blazers, jackets, non iron shirts and pleated trousers, or you simply seek a clean athleisure look where you love being stylish and comfortable both at the same time. 2019 fashion is all about being stylish, trendy and comfortable all at the same time. Whether you are into fashion or not, the matter of fact is, we all love looking stylish and on trend. So, if you'd like to know some fashion predictions for the New Year, then read on.

But first, sign-up to the leading shopping portals online to check out the coolest winter collections for men at great discounted deals and offers. This new year, make your winter shopping affordable and save money by availing Farfetch voucher codes. These codes will help you save huge amounts every time you shop online. While you might be still searching for the trendiest styles, we have compiled a handy list of some emerging fashion trends:

Layer-Up Overcoats 

Perfect for dry winter versatility, overcoats are great fashion staples for men in 2019. With pretty-good warmth factors, overcoats can easily break up and protect you from the wind chill breeze and keep the rain away from your outfit underneath, thus, making these winter coats a must-have staple for chilling weather this year. Moreover, these coats are a great way to beat the elements without being overly padded or puffy.

Ribbed Knitwear for Added Warmth 

Knits are for everybody and are great to experiment with. While choosing knitwear for yourself, we would suggest you go beyond the colour and choose something with a textured weave. Go for a simple ribbed weave which looks interesting, which looks great when teamed with the right trousers and outerwear. Whether you choose a crew-neck or V-neck style, ribbed knitwear looks on pint while layered with outerwear.

Mango Man
Mango Man

Winter Boots

Boots are a great way to keep your feet protected and warm from the freezing weather conditions. They're also another all-year men’s fashion staple, so make sure you have at least one pair of these smart and classy winter boots in your winter collection.

Photo: Craig Landale
Photo: Craig Landale

A Beanie to Battle the Breeze

Another must-have winter fashion staple every high-fashioned man should look for in 2019 is a beanie. Beautifully woven beanies available in myriads of sizes, colours, and patterns are a ticket to keep your ears warm and protected from the freezing breeze.


Comfy Loose Denim

Many men usually don’t like to be dressed up in skinny-fitting outfits, thus, the loose and comfy denim trend is a perfect winter staple to combat this. Denim is an all-rounder staple in a man’s wardrobe, but you must go for darker shades which can absorb heat more and keep you warm for longer. In other words, dark wash denim is the way to go with jeans, jackets and shirts and is great for both casual, as well as, semi-formal occasions.

Photo: Eeva Suutari
Photo: Eeva Suutari

Winter Joggers

Another must-have winter staple you should incorporate into your winter wardrobe is winter joggers. They are super cool and versatile enough to be worn for intense workout sessions, as well as casual days out with friends. Browse and choose from the widest selection of winter sports joggers at the best discounted rates with ActivInstinct voucher codes.


Cardigans for a Casual Look

Cardigans are an even better versatile winter staples to choose, especially for a casual outing in a moderate climate. These are an essential man’s winter wardrobe staples which can be layered with most casual outfits. Go for a thick weave, neutral tone and interesting pattern to stay on trend.

Photo: Cyril Giustiniani
Photo: Cyril Giustiniani

So, these are the top major fashion trends we predict you will see in 2019 for sure. You can grab them at the best prices you can fin on the high street or alternatively just a click of the button by simply using JD Williams voucher codes.


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