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Menswear You Can Afford On A Tight Budget

No matter if you love clothes shopping or not, you still have to wear clothes. So, why not look your best while you’re at it? Right about now, you might be saying that you can’t afford it. You don’t have the extra money to spend on clothes. But, what if you do not need that much? What if you could have the wardrobe you want without breaking the bank? Check out the following tips:

Find the type of look you’re going for 

If you had £100 to spend on clothes, would you head to H&M or Mr Porter? There are those who would rather go to Mr Porter but still buy clothes from H&M. Not always intentionally, it’s just a reflex. They see inexpensive clothes while shopping for other things and just put them in their cart. Alternatively you might be on the other end of the spectrum, you find a couple of cool swiss watches that you really love and save up enough money to get one of them. Take a quick minute and think about it; in your perfect world, what kind of fashion would you rock?

Photo: Craig Landale
Photo: Craig Landale

Take a deeper look at your wardrobe 

Most people are hoarders, whether they admit it or not. They tend to hold on to clothes that they rarely (or maybe even never) use. Take some time and look at your clothes objectively. Look at the bigger picture and ask yourself: What colour is most common among your clothes? Are there any colours missing? How many t-shirts do you have? What about clothes you can use to go on a date? What colour of shoes is the most common? Are all your shoes one type? Do you have any clothes that you don’t wear because you don’t like to iron? The answers to these questions will help you visualise your ideal wardrobe. Next, head to your wardrobe and remove the things that don’t fit your vision. Take things one step further and try on the remaining clothes. Do they fit? If not, put them into a pile. While you’re at, add the pieces you've never worn to the pile as well. 

Toss, sell, or trade your pile 

After completing the above, you should have a pile of clothes to get rid of. So, what do you do now? Well, actually you have a lot of options. You can donate your unwanted clothes or trade them for other pieces with your friends. You can even make money off them on sites like Depop, eBay or through your Facebook neighborhood sale group. Who knows, You might make enough cash to completely revamp your style!

Photo: Vincenzo Grillo
Photo: Vincenzo Grillo

Stick with the classics 

Once you’ve cleared out your wardrobe, it’s time to determine what items you need to create your dream capsule. A small selection of quality clothes that fit well is significantly better than a huge wardrobe filled with old, cheap, and ill-fitting pieces. No idea where to start? Go back to the basics. Classic staple items will never go out of style. To add some flair, simply embellish with a few trendy pieces. Get yourself a pair of well-fitting trousers and a no-wrinkle shirt. Dress it up with a bow tie or waistcoat for example. Everyone’s idea of timeless is different, but basically, classic staples are the ones you wear a lot. Items that really showcase your personal style. 

Go shopping 

By now, you should have a list of the pieces you need to fill out your wardrobe. But, how do you get them on a small budget? The answer depends on your specific fashion goal. If you need basic items, like a black polo shirt, check out H&M, ASOS, and other similar stores. If you are looking for speciality items, head to your favourite stores when they are having a big sale. Check the clearance rack while you’re there as well. You may also want to check out the vintage stores in your area. The ones in the higher end neighbourhoods have some really good pieces for unbelievable prices. The bottom line is, you don't have to spend an arm and a leg to look your best, especially if you make a plan and stick with it. One day, in the near future, you will take a look at your wardrobe and realise that it's perfect and you didn’t spend that much on achieving it. How sweet is that?


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