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4 Things You Must Never Do Before Hitting the Gym

The fact that you're hitting the gym at all is certainly a good thing. Whether it's to beef up your muscles to impress the ladies or to just take time out to improve your level of fitness, you are doing something that will help you to look and feel good. However, to ensure you get the most from your time in the gym, there are a few things you must never do beforehand. Don't be a dumbbell and consider the following list of don'ts that really should be adhered to if you want to get the best results.

Don't eat a large meal before

You need to eat something; your body needs the extra fuel to energise it. But you need to be careful about what you eat. If you opt for a large meal just before going to the gym, you are going to feel bloated, sluggish and tired during your workout. Opt for something light for breakfast or lunch; go for something high in protein, such as a banana on toast using whole wheat bread, a boiled egg, a bowl of oats and consider the range of products at Monster Supplements to complement your diet. You will then have the energy you need, meaning you will be less likely to flag out when you're running on the treadmill.

Don't forget your gym bag 

There are all kinds of things you need to take with you to the gym, including water to keep yourself hydrated, a protein bar to give you an extra boost of fuel and deodorant for everyone's benefit! We have a list of essentials here, so remember to pack and bring along your bag before heading out, as your workout won't be the same without it. 

Don't skimp on sleep 

Your body needs to rest, especially after working out. Getting the right amount of sleep is a necessity, as your body needs time to heal itself as you're getting some shut-eye. But if you skimp on sleep and skip out on the healing process, then you may well do yourself an injury the next time you hit the gym. Oh, and you will also feel exhausted because you haven't fully rested yourself, and going to sleep while lifting weights is never a good thing! Research suggests 7-8 hours sleep a night is sufficient for body healing and good rest, so cut out on your Netflix binges late at night, put down your phone when you're in bed and get the sleep you need.

Don't overload yourself with water 

Yes, your body needs to stay hydrated, especially while you're working out. And a glass or two is a must if you want to energise your body beforehand. However, don't overload yourself with H20. When doing intense exercises, such as running and jumping, not only will you feel the water swirling around in your belly, but you might also experience cramp and nausea too. You are also putting yourself at risk of hyponatremia, and that can lead to more dangerous side-effects, such as seizures. And you thought water was good for you! Well, it is, but stick to 2 or 3 glasses before you workout to protect yourself from harm.

So, there we have it. A list of things you must never do before you hit the gym. We are sure you are not guilty of any of them, but just in case you have been (or are liable to), be mindful of what we have said if you want to maximise your time during your workouts.


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