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How to Make Your Clothes Last Longer

Do you have a favourite shirt? Or a favourite jumper that you want to preserve? A lot of us have those go-to outfits that make us feel good. Dapper clothes make us feel more confident and ready to face the day. They contribute a lot to people’s first impressions of us, and to how we feel. Some of us might overlook the importance of good clothes, but they are actually a part of our daily lives. That’s why it’s important for all of us to take care of our threads properly. Aside from this, making garments last would help you have an eco-friendly lifestyle as well. If you’re having difficulty thinking of ways you can make your clothes last longer, here are some simple tips to follow.

Read and Follow the Labels 

If you're thinking that taking care of your clothes is going to be complicated, then you're wrong. You can start with simple ways such as following the care labels. The labels usually indicate whether washing in cold water is the best for your clothes or not, and if it's supposed to be dry cleaned only. If you're not sure about how you should wash your clothes, it's best to make a habit of following the labels.

Buy High Quality Clothes

Buying good quality clothes might seem pricey at first, but if you look at their long term benefits, you'll realise that they are worth it. Since they last longer than cheap ones, you are going to help the environment and save money because you won't have to replace them as often. It's also a great idea to invest in pieces that have a classic design because they're timeless and won't go out of trend. When you go shopping, look for brands that produce great products and are transparent with their manufacturing and pricing such as Private White V.C. If you're curious about how garments are made in a factory, you can have a sneak peek here

Sort Your Laundry 

Sorting your laundry is so important before you put them inside your washer. You may not have previously thought about it, but when your clothes are inside the washer, they tumble and get tangled with each other. Imagine your soft and light clothes getting tangled with your jeans or your jackets. That’s not really what you want if you’re looking for ways to make your clothes last longer. So keep this tip in mind on laundry days.

Wash Your Clothes Less 

Most of us are guilty of doing this. We love to wash our clothes after just one use. If you want to be more gentle on your clothes, try not to wash them too often. But this doesn't mean that you'll have to wear filthy threads. If your outfit isn't dirty and smelly, then you can still use it another time before putting it in the laundry. Doing this allows you to conserve energy, save money, and save your clothes from fading and getting stretched. 

Don’t Overload Your Machine 

It's tempting to overload your machine, especially when you just can't wait to get done with laundry day. However, this is not a good habit if you want to make your garments last. Your clothes get crammed inside the washer which results in fading and damage. Additionally, you won't be able to wash your clothes properly when doing this, so avoid doing a full load as much as possible.

Fold Your Sweaters 

Folding is a fundamental principle when taking care of your clothes (just ask Marie Kondo). Instead of hanging your sweaters, fold them and store them neatly in your cabinet. Hanging your chunky heavy sweaters will stretch them too much. Also, this damages the fabric, and you'll be left with a loose sweater with bad shape. 

Use A Mesh Bag 

When it comes to your underwear, it’s best to hand wash them to avoid them getting damaged. However, there are times when we really cannot avoid putting them inside the washer to get the job done faster. The good news is, many washing machines have a 'delicates' setting and you can also use a mesh bag to prevent them from getting mixed up with the other clothes.

Stain Removal Pens 

Have you ever had an annoying encounter with stains while you’re outside of the house or while you’re waiting for an important meeting at a hotel lobby? These situations can make us panic and lose our composure. Luckily, there are stain removal pens available to buy that can give you a quick solution to this messy problem.

Be Mindful Of Your Detergent 

While detergent can make your clothes clean and fresh again, it can also be bad for the fabrics. So, if you want to protect your garments, you can mix up your detergent with baking soda. Baking soda is a detergent booster, and this mixture can also clean your clothes but lessens the damage of chemical-filled detergent.


Some learn this lesson the hard way. Overusing bleach on your clothes can damage the fabric. Always dilute bleach before using it on your clothes to avoid any damage. Additionally, bleach stains can happen if other clothes get splashed with bleach. So if you really need to use this, make sure to use it safely, especially when you’re sharing a washing load with someone else. 

Remove Stains Properly 

When your clothes get stained, it’s best to wash them off immediately to avoid permanent damage. But if you must delay it, you should mark the spot of the stain with a safety pin or a clothespin so you won’t forget about it later. There are also several ways to treat a stain.

Our clothes can be easily replaced, however, replacing your clothes too much is not good for the environment, as well as for your wallet. If you want to keep your fabrics in good condition, these tips are going to be very useful to you. They might be simple, but they can effectively protect your clothes for the long term.


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