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The Right OOTD for your Next Travel Destination

Travelling is a liberating experience everyone should go through at least once in their lives, especially to expand their perspective and see the world. Simple customs and culture can vary between your homeland and where you’re visiting, which will quickly shatter all of your preconceived notions of what “the right behaviour" really is.

Another great aspect of travelling is the ability to wear whatever you want without having to worry about how functional it is for work or if any of your friends see you looking rather off trend. Choosing your 'outfit of the day' (#OOTD) for each day of your travel is the highlight of some people’s travel experience, but some are better at it than others. While you have tons of freedom when travelling, clothing choice included, there’s always good choices versus great choices. Here’s how you can make the most of your travel outfit planning:

Mango Man
Mango Man

Don’t Offend The Locals 

Depending on where you’re going, there might be certain dress code customs that you aren’t aware of. For instance, women travelling to Buddhist temples should know that they need to be wearing both long trousers and a long sleeved shirt or else they will be committing a major faux-pas. Many places in Asia will expect you to remove your shoes when entering a home too. Do some research into how people dress where you’re going and do your best to blend in, while still showing off your own personal take on their fashion norms. Some places don’t care what you wear, but others are extremely unflinching during certain times of the year or at certain historic sites. But the one rule to remember is to be respectful to the place you’re visiting and dress appropriately.

Pringle of Scotland
Pringle of Scotland

Dress For The Climate 

There’s a common trope that people are more than willing to go outside in the cold wearing just a jacket, but this is an unwise decision when travelling abroad. Check what the weather will be like before you go and pack up your daily outfits. Your threads should compliment both your body and the outside temperature of your next destination. If you’re going somewhere hot, say booking with santiagoways.com to go to a central or South American paradise, avoid materials that tend to trap heat and go with loose and breezy clothing made from linen and cotton. If you’re travelling somewhere cold, make sure to bring a few down jackets and maybe even a winter puffer coat.


Pack With Flexibility In Mind 

Luggage space is a precious commodity when you are living out of a suitcase, so you shouldn’t overpack clothes that you might wear. However, at the same time, you never know what activity you’ll get into or what kind of event you’ll be interested in if spontaneity hits, and it’s important to be able to dress the part. It’s extremely wise to pack some clothes that are versatile and flexible for a wide range of social gatherings. Some shoes work fine with both casual and formal clothing such as boat shoes, for instance. And sometimes a more casual shirt can be effectively turned into a statement piece by pairing it with the right blazer or jacket. Don’t shoehorn yourself into a certain look and also don’t risk overpacking by bringing clothes that can fit a variety of different fashion roles depending on how you style the rest of your outfit.


With the right amount of planning beforehand you’ll be able to look snazzy and stay comfortable while you’re on vacation. Experienced travellers know how to leverage all of their menswear choices for maximum effect. Ultimately, you should carefully consider each and every item you put into your suitcase and ask yourself if there’s something else in your closet that does the job better.


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