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Should You Follow Men’s Fashion Trends?

Fashion is an art in which people use their clothes as their canvas to express themselves. The obsession of following fashion trends have been here for many years now, but lately, it went viral and everyone suddenly developed strong opinions about that matter. Some cared so much about following the trends and being fashionable that they made a career out of it. Others embraced their own personal styles as a celebration of their uniqueness. The stereotype that women are the only ones who care about fashion and the latest trends is outdated and is simply incorrect. Even though women (according to sales figures) care more about fashion magazines, many men also care about fashion and can pull off fashionable clothes even better than the models representing them. The area of fashion trends is certainly fascinating. But what's the answer to that dilemma, and which group should you belong to? The guys who hate following trends and steer away from them, or the chaps who are always following the latest fashion trends?

Positive VS Negative Impacts Of The Fashion Industry 

If one followed only the trends that flatters their bodies and fit their personal style based on their preferences, fashion would be the best way to express yourself. Fashion is a great tool that can be used to express your personality and creating your own looks and style embraces your aesthetic self and your creative side. Branded clothes are fun to own, however, if you mix and match, you can still create fashionable looks with a lower budget. You can always match expensive-looking accessories to your cheap accoutrements to get a low-cost dapper look without breaking your bank. However, some men obsess over how models look and buy clothes that aren’t flattering to their body types. This leads guys to have body image issues as no matter what they do they will never look like the ripped models with perfect posture. Models themselves don’t even look like their photos in magazines.

Photo: Craig Landale
Photo: Craig Landale

Don’t Let The Media Fool You 

The media has been advertising wrong ideas about the perfect body whether through a guy with an eight pack abs, or with a dude who looks like he hasn't eaten carbs for a decade. Other than the impossible body types that the media has been promoting, the media is also giving the wrong idea that only women care about fashion and the latest trends. Increasingly men very much care about branded clothing, and the latest fashion trends. If you are a man who cares about following the trends, you can always go for dsquared2 menswear to match vintage clothes to create your looks without going broke. It’s always awesome to see men trying new things and turning their wardrobes upside down to create a more fashionable style.

Saturdays NYC
Saturdays NYC

Trends Are Exciting 

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends can be fun. It creates an opportunity to refresh your wardrobe and your style. You can always choose from trendy clothes what suits you and the personality you want to promote. High-end clothing lines always have designers that inspire their own looks. This offers a chance to embrace creativity and uniqueness of oneself to express themselves through fashion. Unlike fast fashion brands who always rip the ideas of other brands. The problem with the fast fashion industry is way beyond only copying someone else’s idea; it’s way deeper than that. Fast fashion brands increase trend turnover which forces you to shop more often if you want to keep up with the changes. Encouraging these brands means encouraging how the clothes were made using cheap materials and the poor conditions they are made under. With people getting paid barely above the minimum wage to create clothes which are going to be sold for millions. The fast fashion industry also harms the environment with its energy and water consumption.


How To Keep Up With The Fast-Paced Fashion World 

Sometimes, the fashion industry feels exclusive and inaccessible to people outside of it. However, you can always keep up with the trends by following simple steps: 

Fashion Runaways: You can watch new ideas for different styles during the fashion weeks in many cities. Even if you can’t get an invitation to these shows, you can still watch them online. Thousands of videos and photos get posted online that you can easily access to watch the recap of these events. Following these sources for inspiring ideas will give you a head-start before others when it comes to new trends. This research will give you an idea about the hot colours, styles and how to wear them. 

Online Access: You can find hundreds of blogs online to guide you through the latest fashion items without exerting much effort. Social media on the other hand allows you to be updated on the latest trends by the second. Simply followed your favourite designers and blogs on social media e.g. bloggers and influencers have been focusing lately on the male grooming and fashion industries to make money. By following them you will get an insight into the latest trends that haven’t even made it to the stores yet.

Photo: Enrico Labriola
Photo: Enrico Labriola

Shop More And Buy Less 

If you want your wardrobe to pop with the latest fashion items you desire without maxing out your credit cards, there is a simple trick that you can follow, especially if you love shopping. Shopping more and buying less is the way to go; this way you will spend less money and you will still be fashionable. Putting a limit to your occasional visits to the high street will help you save money without compromising your style.


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