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Reinventing the 3 Piece Suit for the Modern Gentleman

Men’s fashion is not that complicated. There are very few trends that can successfully migrate from the catwalk to the streets and we’ve probably seen them all. This is why structure and quality are where it’s at when it comes to dressing the modern gentleman. And the 3 piece suit is the perfect canvas for designers to showcase their craftsmanship and for customers to add a bit of personality and flair to their wardrobe. Aristocracy London is a new luxury brand specialising in limited edition 3 piece suits of impeccable tailoring and timeless design at reasonable prices.

The company was founded by Laz, a digital marketing professional who was struggling to find time to trawl through the shops for suits that meet his standards. So, he worked closely with a team of designers and manufacturers to launch a collection of 3 piece suits that combine elegance, comfort and fit, along with a shopping experience that is hassle-free and straightforward. When you purchase an Aristocracy London suit, you can rest assured that they will only ever produce 100 pieces of each design which indicates the brand’s commitment to quality over quantity. Moreover, at the point of purchase, you can personalise your order by selecting a monogram of up to 8 characters and your suit’s ordinal number, between 1 and 100, provided it is still available. Both the ordinal number and the monogram will then be embroidered in the inside pocket of your suit’s jacket (free of charge) to give it a personal touch and added value.

But it’s not just the quality of the suits and their design features - some of which are usually only found in bespoke tailoring - Laz was aware that people might be reluctant to buy a suit online and he researched the reasons behind this trend. It turned out that size and costly returns where the main obstacles to a positive digital shopping experience. So, he worked out a solution: for customers who’ve never purchased a suit before or still have concerns about getting the perfect fit, Aristocracy London offers a size guide which only requires your time for a few minutes and a tape measure. For those who are more confident about their suit size but would still like a quick check, there’s a handy suit size calculator, which just uses your body type, waist and height measurements to work its magic. Once the order goes through, it will be delivered free of charge in a luxury box along with two complimentary gifts: a designer garment bag and a stylish suit hanger. And, if it turns out that the fit isn’t quite right, you have 30 days to return the suit at no cost to you.

Aristocracy London’s first collection of 3 piece suits is inspired by London, the iconic metropolis that loves fashion but isn’t a slave to passing fads. In elegant navy, classy grey and sophisticated brown, these quintessentially British men’s suits are designed for a tailored slim fit that compliments most body types. Although their colour, fabric and pattern are suitable for all occasions, the brand’s website offers helpful advice on how to style each suit for different looks, from a weekend away to a night about town or a day in the office. Adding to that, a weekly blog provides useful tips and tutorials to keep your suits looking as good as new and your style, and manners, up to scratch. Because what is most surprising is that the brand’s concept is about more than a desire for luxury designer suits. Aristocracy London makes clothes for gentlemen, but also promotes the values that men should represent in the 21st century.

Gone are the days when a claim to land and ancestry were credentials worthy of respect. Modern gentlemen command respect by who they are and how they choose to live. These are the principles that Aristocracy London abides by and the ethos around which it operates. And to help modern gentlemen along their journey, the brand’s newsletter, as well as its accounts on Facebook and Instagram, regularly provide advice on etiquette and life skills covering every aspect of life from business to romance and from family to social occasions. Perhaps this is what the world needs more of: more gentleness, more kindness, more consideration and an appreciation for slow fashion, made by companies that value the people that work for them and their customers. Browse the latest Aristocracy London collection of men’s suits and join their quest for urban chivalry.


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