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Introducing Far From Lost Leather Wallets

If you’re buying a leather wallet as a gift for Fathers Day this month, look no further than the sustainable accessories brand making a wave within the leather industry, Far From Lost. Founded by Michael Menninger, the brand was born from a mission to set a new and thoughtful standard for premium leather accessories. First stop: beautiful handcrafted, limited edition products made from pristine leather, but with one difference; the products are all created in the most sustainable way possible.

Michael was shocked to learn about the huge leather wastage issue in the world, noting that in 2018, 4 billion square metres of leather off cuts, ended up as scrap. “Pristine remnant leather, often from the manufacturing of some of the finest leather goods in the world is ending up in landfill. This wasteful and un-sustainable practice is all too common to the fashion industry” says Michael. Instead of watching 16% of the world’s premium leather going to landfill, he launched Far From Lost to do something about it.

Far From Lost takes time to hand make each item. This reduces the brand’s own wastage and ensures that the company is investing back into communities with skilled labor. “Our making facilities are strategically located close to the area they source materials from. Importantly, this cuts down on transportation pollution too” notes Michael. Not only are the leather products sustainable, but their packing is too, made from recycled and remnant materials. Every last detail has been considered by Michael and his team. Make sure to check out the brand's 'limited series' featuring leather wallets made from genuine NFL footballs. The texture evoking memories of sports days and playing fields - a must for any football enthusiast.

The brand is committed to doing business the right way and has pledged to donate 1% of their revenues to ‘1% For The Planet’. For more information and to shop the range visit Far From Lost at wearefarfromlost.com or see them on Instagram @WeAreFarFromLost


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