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Here’s Some Valentines Gift Ideas For Your Man

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and your partner will be thinking ‘what on earth do I get him?’ and start frantically typing ‘gifts for him’ into Amazon. If your partner is struggling to choose the right gift for your level of relationship, here are some gift ideas you can subtly suggest so neither of you has to worry about getting that awkward thing that you have to pretend to be happy with.

The New (ish) Relationship 

Personalised gifts are great on so many levels; whether you’ve been together for three months or two years, it always shows that your partner cares about you if they want to get you something personalised. If you’re a budding chef and your partner wants to get you a personalised gift, why not suggest personalised Valentine’s Day gifts like this Head Chef chopping board. Or it might serve as the perfect in-joke if you can’t cook at all. So many things are customisable. If you’re a beer connoisseur, suggesting a personalised pint glass is the perfect gift no matter how long you’ve been dating.

The Six-Month Hurdle 

If you’re both past the six-month hurdle and broached those three simple words, you might be ready to receive a personalised print of the two of you, or frame one of your favourite comedy in-jokes. But it can be tricky for your partner to assess what level your relationship is at. So, don’t be afraid to talk about it as you might both be thinking the same thing about each other’s Valentine’s Day gifts. If you’re not sure if you’re there yet, why not use the year you met as a neutral zone and suggest a personalised piece of jewellery engraved with the year you met. You can buy each other an item that means something to both of you. 

The Anniversary Zone 

If you’re at the next level of your relationship, commemorating your special memories is a great way of celebrating Valentine’s day with a special gift. If you’re looking to give your partner something personal, but you don’t want them to worry about going all out on something creative, why not drop hints about the LoveBook - where you can list all the reasons why you love each other - but the designs are created and printed for you.

Be Surprised 

The biggest problem with planning surprises on Valentine’s day is that you might both double book the same day. If you want to keep celebrating after Valentine’s day, why not both book two individual days off work, or a weekend where you can both surprise each other separately. You might be able to surprise your partner yourself with a proposal if you get the timing right. Creating a dress code and adding an element of mystery gives the day a sense of anticipation and fun. You might end up going on a recreation of your first date, or a tour of all your favourite special places. It makes it more of an event than a simple gift and is the perfect way to take a nostalgia tour of all the places you both love. 

The Guy Who Proposed 

If you’ve recently proposed, your partner might be daunted at the prospect of getting a gift for the man that bought them an engagement ring (and a lifetime together). If your partner wants to get you something special, why not suggest looking at gifts for him on Virgin Experience Days? Whether it’s an experience day you do together like a comedy night or a stunt driving day out where you get to drive something very fast, getting an event gift will lead to hours of fun.

A Holiday Made For Two 

Why not enjoy yourself and suggest a Valentine’s Day gift for two. You might want to keep it as a mini-break and buy an experience voucher that incorporates two days in a glamping pod or at a countryside spa, or even arrange everything independently with an Airbnb. Why not look outside of a voucher and book flights, a hotel (the lot) in the sunny Seychelles or indulgent Italy. If your partner asks you to book a week off work, but doesn’t tell you why, hopefully you’ve scored this gift. If you haven’t popped the question yet, it might be the perfect time to plan that proposal.


Practical But Still Fun 

If you’re saving for a wedding, a house, or simply cash-strapped, there are hundreds of thoughtful gifts you can suggest that aren’t going to break the bank. You might have your eye on that leather bomber jacket we wrote about recently. These items can be middling in price but will be used for years to come, so it’s the perfect Valentine’s day gift, versus useful gift win-win scenario.

Keep It Simple 

You might not want to go all out or you're the type of couple that don’t even exchange gifts at all. Why not celebrate a night in with your favourite takeaway, film or home-cooked food? You can still have a romantic meal, complete with three courses and dessert, with the luxury of it being in your very own home. It doesn’t have to be an all-out extravaganza, just spending time together might be the perfect gift for you both. Talk about it beforehand to make sure you’re on the same page and you don’t end up with an embarrassing one-sided gift-giving session.


If you don’t want your partner to worry about what to get you, these suggestions could be the perfect way for a stress-free Valentine’s day. If you’re worried about the level of relationship you’re at and want to make sure you both get it right, these options will provide the perfect middle ground for a relaxing Valentine’s Day this 2020.


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