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Gift Ideas for that Special Someone in Your Life

Men are typically hard to buy for. They just tend to go out and buy what they need, when they need it. This can make birthdays and special occasions difficult when you want to buy them a gift. This is why so many of us have the dilemma of what to buy the men in our lives. Birthdays can be especially difficult, because at least with other occasions you can mutually agree to skip gifts in favour of saving money.

Knowing what it is your partner wants can often be the hardest part. Men know what they want, but are less likely to hint to their significant others. Sometimes this can mean the wrong gifts being bought. With that in mind, here are some gift ideas which will hopefully take the drama away from having to buy a gift for the special man in your life.

Surprise date night 

Traditionally, men are the ones that ask the ladies out on a date. They organise it and arrange everything. However, in this modern age it doesn’t quite work like that. But still, there is an element of surprise for a woman to arrange a date for her man. So why not do that? You could arrange a nice meal out, keep it a secret and get a babysitter organised. It could be something very simple, or you could even go as far as arrange a weekend away. It will be appreciated, and it’s the gift of time alone. What more could he ask for? 

A boxing match 

Maybe your other half is really into boxing, and so perhaps getting tickets to the next main event could be the icing on the cake. There are plenty of local events you could consider, or you may want to save for some of the big events. Sometimes these happen in other countries, so you could combine it with a trip away. There are some great boxing fights articles you can read for inspiration on some of the best fights that have taken place recently. It could give you an indication as to which type of boxing fight to book tickets for.

A subscription service 

While men tend to buy what they want, when they need it. It can be quite rare that they would treat themselves to something they would benefit from. Sometimes they don’t see the logic. Which is why a subscription service could be a great gift idea. This might be for something like a magazine, one you know they will enjoy that will cater to their interests or hobbies. You could look at a subscription service for box sets or films, such as Amazon Prime or Netflix. You can even get subscriptions for socks, boxer shorts, chocolate, whisky and meat. The options are endless. 

What about aftershave? 

Sometimes the simple gifts are often the best, and this could be buying their favourite aftershave or cologne. There are some great options out there, but you could also stick with their usual go-to and just replace it when a birthday or special occasion rolls around. It may seem like an easy choice, but often this is a gift that men greatly appreciate and in some cases, don’t necessarily buy themselves.

Some new clothes  

Why is it that some men are happy to buy the latest gadgets or tech for themselves, but less likely to buy new clothes? Some men don’t treat themselves to new socks and underwear as often as they should. So it makes for a great gift idea. General fashion such as shirts and jackets are good ideas too. Well, only if you know your partner's taste that is. Avoid doing this if you don’t, as the gift could turn into a disaster. 

A spa break  

Who says heading to the spa is just for women. Many men (many secretly) love the opportunity to enjoy some pampering. It could be that you head to a spa for a day, or book into one for the weekend to extend the relaxation element. A spa break can include some fabulous food and a beautiful setting. As well as a chance to enjoy the facilities such as a pool, sauna, a massage or other therapies that your chosen spa may have on offer.

An experience 

An opportunity to make some memories is a great gift. This is where an experience could be a great choice. It might be racing round a track in their favourite sports car. Or jumping out of a plane for the biggest adrenaline rush of their lives. It might be something completely different where you experience a taster menu from a top restaurant. There are so many different options available these days that you can be spoilt for choice. Make sure you take some time to peruse the different options available. Whatever the experience, it could be the perfect gift for your man. 

Something just from you 

Finally, sometimes money is a little tight. Buying gifts may not be an option. But this doesn’t mean you have nothing to give. Sometimes a gift from the heart is just as personable and means that bit more. So offer a foot massage or a back rub. Cook a meal at home and make sure it is his favourite. Make sure you have a free house one night and watch a movie together. You could even make something if you have the skills and know-how. Often the gift of time is completely underrated, but it can be one of the most appreciated. There are plenty of things you can do; you just need to think outside of the box.


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