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5 Health and Wellness Hacks that Really Work

As we approach March and leave behind the stormy weather, Yeti and the Fox has been offering tips on how to stay healthy and well. Yeti and the Fox is a health supplement which can prevent the gruesome morning symptoms many of us feel after a few beverages the night before. Whether your preference is an early morning gym routine or visiting the bar the night before a boardroom presentation, they don’t think a few drinks should prevent you enjoying a healthy active lifestyle. Below we have also compiled a selection of other hacks that really work.

The Hangover Hack 

No longer must you decide between a night out celebrating and the dreaded hangover the next day. Or a quiet night in and a normal day at work. Simply taking two Yeti & the Fox capsules before you start drinking and a third when you get home (or all three at the end of the night), they promise that you can prevent your hangover and wake up the next day feeling as refreshed and productive as normal.

The Workout Hack 

For many guys our gym sessions are timed by a watchful eye on the clock, which can make 10 minutes feel a whole lot longer. Try timing your workout to a music playlist instead. You'll stay motivated for longer, especially if you use your favourite songs. If you are clock watching, you are probably not getting the best out of your workout. To get in the zone and really maximise your workout, creating a playlist that lasts the entirety of your routine can lead to a much more productive session. 

The Sleep Hack 

PSA for all insomniacs: Kiwis aid sleep. According to researchers in Taiwan kiwis promote a better night's sleep. They asked 24 men and women between the ages of 20 and 55 who were suffering from poor sleep to eat two kiwis one hour before bedtime. After a month the researchers found a significant improvement in their subject’s sleep quality.

The Relaxation Hack 

Use essential oils just before bedtime and try adding a few drops of lavender oil to your diffuser to help wind down. Use essential oils just before bedtime and try adding a few drops of lavender oil to your Revive diffuser to help wind down. Alternatively, in the mornings when you shower, add a few drops of peppermint while letting the water steam for a minute or two. Lavender and peppermint are both attributed to feeling calm and relaxed.  

The Bad Breath 

Did you know that eating unsweetened yoghurt can help with bad breath? By reducing the odour-causing hydrogen sulphide bacteria in your mouth, Japanese researchers found that the good bacteria found in yoghurt overwhelmed the bad breath of their 24 test subjects.


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