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Time to See the World from a New Perspective?

Holidays are designed to help you see more of the world and experience new things, but with many UK travellers choosing to visit the same destination time and time again, it’s clear that, as a nation, we’re stuck in a holiday rut. To help you climb out of yours, here are some of our top suggestions for creative trips that you’ll love.

Relax On A Luxury Yachting Getaway 

Travelling around the world on your own private yacht is the perfect way to experience new cultures and live like a king for a few weeks. You can charter a vessel to take you to the places you’d like to see, then if you find that you enjoy your trip, you could invest in your own yacht to allow you to travel the world whenever you want to. Boats For Sale is a specialist in quality vessels, so check out these Yachts for sale to find the perfect yacht to take you on many exciting adventures.

Go Glamping 

An amalgam of glamourous and camping, glamping has become synonymous with posh types who don’t know what they signed up for when they went camping. This doesn’t have to be the case, however: with just a little planning and preparation you can find a unique place to stay that everyone will adore. There are many different glamping options based around the world, including igloos, log cabins and even hammocks strung across trees, meaning that you can find something phenomenal that will allow you to reconnect with the great outdoors. 

Speed Away On A Classic Road Trip 

The iconic road trip is mythologised as the ultimate holiday, and in many ways this is true. It’s a great way to explore the world and see the majesty and beauty that occurs when man’s roads collide with nature’s glorious landscapes. There are great road trip routes around the world, meaning that whatever your tastes and preferences, you’ll be able to find a trip that you’ll enjoy. 

Ride On A Classic Train 

The Orient Express is one of the world’s most renowned trains, thanks to Agatha Christie’s novel, but there are many other incredible train journeys around the world, allowing you the chance to see the landscape from a unique perspective. These phenomenal trips can be luxurious or more scenic, meaning that there’s an option for any traveller on any budget. 

Follow Your Favourite Stars 

Many famous people’s holidays have been documented over the years, so if you want to do something unique and creative but aren’t sure where to start, consider following in the footsteps of someone you admire. Be it Lord Byron’s Grand Tour of Europe or your favourite musician’s tour stops, you can create a holiday that will show you more of the world and bring you closer to understanding the individuals whose creations you’ve always enjoyed.

Take A Themed Guided Tour 

A great way to combine your passion with your holiday is to go on a themed tour. An expert guide will be able to show you the best food in the local area, the places where famous stars used to live, or anything else you’d care to know. These tours are designed to give you a chance to experience the city or region you visit in a way you’d never be able to alone, so take the opportunity to go on as many tours as you can to make the most of your holiday.


Unwind On An Indulgent Cruise 

Cruises were once the preserve of the old and the lazy, but today they’re a great way to visit several countries in one trip. The ships are often equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, meaning that you’re effectively staying on a floating hotel. You can find cruises to all kinds of unique destinations and have the flexibility to hop on and off your temporary floating home as you’d like.

Exert Yourself On A Unique Hiking Trip 

For the outdoorsy type, there’s nothing better than going hiking. Walking across valleys, down canyons or up mountains is the perfect way to see more of the natural landscape, get active and bond with your fellow travellers. It also gives you the opportunity to learn about the natural wonders of the world that aren’t as well-documented as the traditional sites, like the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls. Make sure to be prepared and you’ll have a great time hiking and seeing the world from new heights!

Try An Extreme Activity 

From zorbing down a hill to zip lining across a canyon, there are many different extreme activities out there that are being offered in some of the world’s most picturesque locations. Find your perfect destination and then review the extreme activity options there or explore the ones you can try, then look at where you can do them. Whichever search you choose to make, you’ll be sure to find a thrilling holiday idea that will bring you unforgettable experiences.


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