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A Guy's Guide to Bringing Personality to His Wardrobe

As a guy, we know how difficult it can be to find a personal style that suits you. Get rid of those old, stained t-shirts that you’ve been hanging on to for years, and invest in some cool, new threads to keep your look clean and stylish. Adding accessories like men’s gold chains or a sophisticated watch can elevate your look to the next level, showing everybody what great taste you have. Follow our tips for creating a seamless style throughout your wardrobe, and you’ll have everybody looking to you for fashion advice.

Find Style Inspiration 

Even if you don’t already have a style that you exude in your everyday life, you probably find yourself attracted to a specific type of clothing. Take a look at celebrities, athletes, or even your own friends whose style you admire, and then determine which aspects of their style you like. You can use these people as inspiration to create your own unique style. Maybe you find yourself interested in a clean-cut style with articles of clothing like blazers and solid-coloured button-down shirts. Or, maybe you like a style with a little more flair like the urban streetwear look with slightly baggy jeans, oversized jackets, Timberland-esque boots, or dope sneakers. Feel free to pull certain elements from different styles and make your look your own.

Look for Clothes That Fit Right 

When it comes to fashion, a common mistake that men make is opting for clothing that doesn’t fit properly. If you’re the kind of dude who prefers a tighter jean, this can be a great look, but you want to avoid any trousers that are too tight around the ankle or crotch area. If you can’t slide your jeans off your feet with ease, you’re probably wearing them too tight. This can throw off your entire look and cause discomfort. On the other side, you also want to avoid pants and shirts that are way oversized. If your shirt falls below your bottom, it is too big. Of course, some styles lean toward a looser fit, but any clothing that is too loose will end up looking frumpy and sloppy. If you want to create a really concise look for yourself, stick with clothing that fits well. You can ask a store stylist to help you out while shopping if you can’t decide which style fits you best. 

Invest in Versatile Pieces 

Having a great wardrobe is about more than purchasing a lot of clothing. Instead of looking for pieces that can only be worn with a particular pair of pants or a shirt, try to find items that can easily be mixed and matched with other articles in your wardrobe. Once you’ve established a solid base wardrobe, then you can begin to invest in more funky, unique pieces. Try to have at least three to five good, comfortable pairs of pants in a variety of denim washes and different colours of chinos. Stay away from too many chino pants in unusual colours and, instead, opt for grey, navy blue, black, khaki, or even a dark green. Invest in a few good plain coloured tees and sweaters. If you’re the kind of dude who appreciates an interesting pattern, look for long- and short-sleeved button-downs with cool patterns that still use neutral colours, so you can mix and match with several different pants.

Avoid Clothing with Logos 

We all have that stockpile of t-shirts from random events or your favourite old brand that features the company logo. If you’re looking to amp up your fashion game, clothing with brands can look tacky and take away from your put-together style. In the past, it was fashionable to deck your wardrobe out in designer brands flashing their logo, but, in the last decade, the style has petered out. It can look unprofessional and almost appear as if you’re trying to brag about the brands you've purchased. Avoid this men’s fashion faux pas and instead look for clothing that doesn’t announce a brand. 

Go for Quality over Quantity 

As we mentioned, good fashion has nothing to do with how many articles of clothing you have and everything to do with how you wear the pieces. Although it’s tempting to go out and purchase a whole bunch of cheaply made clothing, there’s better value in buying expensive but well-made clothing. These pieces will last much longer than cheaply made threads, and they will have a more comfortable fit. Find a brand that you love and which fits you well, and then invest in a few staple pieces like tees, button-downs, and a jacket or two.

Add Some Accessories 

Once you’ve nailed down your attire, it’s time to start thinking about accessories that can really help to pull your entire look together. Don’t overdo it with the accessories, though. Sometimes more is less. For a clean, sleek look or for an everyday outfit, stick with simple accessories like a Rolex watch or gold bracelet. Pulling off accessories as a man is all about keeping it consistent and simple. Some of the most common men’s accessory mistakes include wearing too many at once and not rocking your look with confidence. Pick accessories that make you feel good and which look good. 

Bring Your Personality to Your Style 

Developing a unique fashion style does take a bit of effort and work, but it can be done if you know what you’re looking for. Invest in high-quality clothing in versatile patterns and colours to help maintain a consistent capsule wardrobe  you can easily mix and match. If you’re not sure where to start, look to your favourite fashion icons for inspiration and try to use elements of their style to fit your own personality. Once you’ve established a solid wardrobe, you can begin to mix in your favourite accessories like a Rolex watch or a simple leather bracelet. Start investing in the right clothing, and you’ll be the most stylish dude in the room.


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