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A Beginner's Guide to Running Gear

Deciding to start working out is always a great idea. Since we’re all leading pretty sedentary lifestyles, finding something that will get you moving will benefit you greatly. That said, no matter which activity you opt for, you will need to obtain some workout gear. Running is arguably one of the best activities that will not only get your body moving but that will also benefit you in many other ways. But if you’re planning on making this activity a regular part of your everyday life, you will need to get your hands on proper gear. Regardless of whether you want to become really serious with your running effort or you’re just doing it as a fun way to stay active, you should certainly get the necessary attire to help you out. Not only will proper gear keep you safe and well-supported but it will also motivate you to keep on exercising regularly.

Running shoes 

The shoes you choose for this type of activity will make all the difference. Many people assume that just any pair of trainers will do. However, that’s simply not true. If you don’t get yourself a quality pair of running shoes, not only will you be uncomfortable during your run but you’ll also be risking injury. That said, the type of running you decide to go with will determine the type of the shoe you need. If for instance, you’re combining regular running with cross fit exercises, compare cross-training shoes with running shoes to see which ones are a better choice for you personally. Proper shoes will provide the necessary support to your feet and joints, and minimise the impact during your run.

Running shirts 

Next, aside from proper shoes, you should also choose an appropriate running top. Of course, you’ll be changing your running top depending on the weather. But for maximum comfort, always try to choose technical fabrics. Contrary to your initial instinct, try to move as far away from cotton fabrics as possible. While these are definitely soft and comfortable, they also retain moisture quite well. Technical fabrics, on the other hand, move moisture away from your skin. This will result in a much more comfortable workout and will significantly reduce skin irritation and any other discomfort. Tip: If you’re a guy who likes running at night, then definitely take a look at this article.

Running bottoms 

Similar to running tops, you should also choose your running bottoms carefully. Again, you should steer clear from cotton fabrics for the same reason as mentioned above. Running shorts will become your new best friend. They are super comfortable and breezy which will help a lot with any issues caused by sweating. Additionally, you should also look into some running tights for when the weather becomes a bit cooler. You can also look for compression running tights, or running tights made of a special material that promotes sweating if you’re looking to burn some fat and tone your legs faster.

Helpful gadgets 

Moreover, if you are quite serious about your running, you should look into getting certain gadgets that will help you monitor your performance and progress. One of those gadgets is certainly a smartwatch or fitness tracker. You can use this nifty little thing to monitor your blood pressure and heart rate. Aside from that, you can also connect it to your smartphone and receive notifications for any incoming calls, messages or emails.

Motivational gadgets 

Furthermore, you will also need something to boost your motivation and keep you going even when you don’t really feel like working out. A great motivational gadget, in this case, will be your smartphone – or some kind of a music player – and a pair of wireless earbuds. This way, you can listen to your favourite music or even audiobooks/podcasts during your run, which will take your mind off of things a bit and help make your workout more enjoyable.

A snack pack 

Finally, every runner – regardless of their preferred running style – should always have at least a bottle of water close by. If you’re running long distances or you have a series of short yet vigorous runs, you should also have some sort of a snack close by as well. This will provide you with additional energy when you feel that your energy levels are getting low.


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