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The Best Family Hatchbacks on the Market Right Now

Picking out a new family car isn’t a decision you should take lightly. It needs to be roomy enough to keep everyone comfortable on long journeys, school runs, and the occasional trip to Ikea. Yet it also should be compact and easy to park at home or in the city. The family hatchback sits right in this sweet spot. New car sales were down in 2019 according to reports from the Society of Manufacturers and Traders. But thankfully this market remains one of the most competitive there is, giving you plenty of choice within an affordable price range. Here we compare five of the best family hatchbacks:

Ford Focus  

The Ford Focus has long won admirers for its handling on open country roads and tight city streets. But the latest edition is roomier inside than its predecessors and has a bigger boot to match. Its fuel efficiency is strong and there are plenty of safety features included as standard. An impressive all-rounder. 

Volkswagen Golf  

The Volkswagen Golf is one of the best-selling cars in Europe in recent times and remains a classy option for families. It comes with a slightly higher price tag than some of its competitors, but its plush interior and drive quality justifies this for the most part. If you’re buying new, you may want to be smart and protect its value with Direct Gap gap insurance.

Volkswagen Golf
Volkswagen Golf

SEAT Leon 

Similar to the VW Golf, but slightly lower priced, is the SEAT Leon. With its stylish looks and responsive handling, you’re unlikely to feel like you’re missing out. It’s gained a little extra legroom in its latest incarnation, helping to address some of its previous criticisms. A sterling hybrid edition is also available for the more environmentally inclined. 

Vauxhall Astra 

If value is high on your shopping list, the Vauxhall Astra is among the cheapest out there. Its latest edition is arguably the best family hatchback Vauxhall has made too, with a comfortable ride, lots of modern technology features, and satisfying build quality.

Honda Civic
Honda Civic

Honda Civic  

The Honda Civic has been around for a while now, with each generation taking on a more radical futuristic appearance than the previous. But don’t be fooled into thinking it’s not practical – you won’t have any problem fitting everyone in thanks to its spacious interior and huge boot. Honda has a solid reputation for safety too, and the Civic is no different.


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