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9 Ways to Celebrate a Lockdown Birthday

If you’re looking for ways to make your loved one’s lockdown birthday special then don’t worry, you have definitely come to the right place. Whether you’re currently living with them or you’re having to plan at a social distance, you need to be sure you’re doing all that you can to make them feel as though there’s still reason to celebrate. Luckily, there’s a lot of inspiration going around that can help you do exactly that. From cooking their favourite meal to arranging an online get-together, you may be surprised at what you can find with a little research. With that in mind, here are 9 ways to make your loved one’s lockdown birthday special:

Cook a Favourite Dish 

One of the best ways to make your loved one feel special on their birthday is to cook them their favourite dishes. Whether this means cooking a three-course meal or making their favourite comfort food, you can be absolutely certain they’re going to enjoy it. If you want to surprise them, you may want to ask them not to come into the kitchen for the day. They’ll love the suspense of not knowing what’s coming. See this website for a guide to finding the best recipes to cook.

Photo: Ben Sherman
Photo: Ben Sherman

Get The Drinks In 

What is a birthday without a couple of drinks? Although we’re in lockdown, it doesn’t mean that the party has to stop. All you need to do is stock up on the drinks and turn the music up, showing that you can party just as hard at home or in the garden. 

Create The Ultimate Movie Night 

If you want to put together an experience that they’ll remember, even after lockdown is over, you may want to consider creating an at-home movie night. With lots of movies to choose from and an unlimited supply of snacks, you can create the illusion of a movie theatre with just a few small changes in your lounge. What’s better, the seats will be even more comfortable at home. See this website for a guide to creating an at-home movie theatre.

Photo: Haig Club
Photo: Haig Club

Consider Getting Out For A Long Walk  

If you haven’t spent a lot of time outdoors and you think it will help, getting out of the house and going for a long walk is a great idea. If the restrictions in your local area allow it, you may also want to consider heading to the local park for a picnic. If you are going to be heading outside as part of your celebrations, you need to be sure you’re following social distancing guidelines. 

Think About What Gifts You’re Going To Order 

Gifts are an essential part of any birthday and with lots of stores still operating online, you need to ensure you’re spending some time choosing the perfect birthday gifts. Whether this means looking at signed football shirts or a personalised bottle of whisky, you should be putting a lot of care and consideration into what you buy. When looking for gifts online, you need to check that they will arrive on time. A lot of places are operating with less staff, and as a result, the delivery times are much slower than normal. If you’re struggling, most sites have a COVID-19 statement at the top of their website.

Photo: Shackleton
Photo: Shackleton

Arrange A Drive-By With Family & Friends 

Another great idea is to arrange a socially distanced drive-by with their friends and family. Although they may not be able to stop and talk for long, seeing the faces of their loved ones is a great way to make their day extra special. If you’re able to disinfect, you may want to consider getting them to drop off gifts too. 

Consider Organising A Virtual Party

If you want your loved one to see their family but you are unable to arrange a drive-by, hosting a virtual party or get-together is another great idea. Whether you’re using Zoom, Skype or Houseparty, you can have an incredible party from the comfort of your own home. Some great virtual party ideas include: Getting everyone to dress in in accordance with a fancy dress theme, Hosting your very own pub quiz (with alcohol of course), Playing online games and competing against one another, and Holding a dance party and designating someone to be the DJ. With lots of ideas to choose from, you can be sure you’re still having an incredible time despite the circumstances.

Photo: Canali
Photo: Canali

Buy A Gift That Can Be Used In The Future  

Another great way to make a lockdown birthday special is to buy a gift that can be used in the future. Whether this means planning a vacation or buying a luxury fragrance which on average will last 6 months of use, you want to be sure they know that this isn’t going to be forever. Although it’s bittersweet, it’s a gesture that will really show that you care. Great examples include a weekend away, spa days or a trip to a local theme park or tourist attraction. 

Celebrate Properly Once Lockdown Is Over

Although we don’t know when the lockdown is going to end, ensuring your loved one that you can have a proper celebration once things are over is a great way to add a little excitement and hope to the day. Lockdown birthdays are incredibly difficult for those that love to be surrounded by the people they love, so sometimes a little bit of hope is important. If you can, spend some time thinking about the things you want to do when we can all freely travel again.

Photo: Truefitt & Hill
Photo: Truefitt & Hill


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