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Introducing Clayton Franklin Eyewear

For the true eyewear aficionado, Clayton Franklin is a brand far removed from just sticking them on to look good. This is serious product from one of the most highly regarded design teams in the international optical industry. An appreciation for the finer detail which has been honed within the creative hub of Sabae in Japan, Clayton Franklin brings that Japanese philosophy of refined design and modern styling to the fore across both its optical and sun frame collections.

“Clayton Franklin is one of those brands that make people who have worked in the industry for a long time still stop to take notice of the design detail that goes into each piece,” says Director Tim Webb. “That in itself is testament to the level of quality we are talking about here, from the finest and most knowledgeable teams that produce only the very best eyewear and components worldwide.”

Founded back in 1995, Clayton Franklin has been developed in a region famous for its traditional craftsmanship of premium eyewear, designs that play well into the hands of an eclectic mix of styles and face shapes, but certainly to be well-maintained and appreciated additions to a style with purpose and longevity. “Clayton Franklin is a fusion of forward-thinking design with a true vintage feel. More than that, as we start to push the name out there more, we believe it will become a mark of quality and a brand that the style-savvy stay faithful to as the product will undoubtedly perform,” adds Webb.

The nature of Clayton Franklin spectacles has been focused on creating novel design concepts with that feeling of wearing a classic, leading to a profound, elegant, and well-balanced eye-wear fashion. Its beautiful craftsmanship is showcased fully across all parts of each frame with delicate designs made with a faultless and strong commitment to detail and finish. Each Clayton Franklin piece is unisex with a design aesthetic that appeals to a versatile group of styles which can be worn and adjusted to fit the look of the individual. With eyewear considered now to be perhaps the most important accessory, Clayton Franklin’s collection of both optical and sunglass frames will no doubt collect a community of followers who will see longevity in the brand. 

Clayton Franklin spectacles are handmade from only the best selected materials available. All presented in Titanium, Stainless Steel and Natural Acetate. claytonfranklineyewear.com


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