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3 Important WFH Style Tips to Follow

Being comfortable doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style. With the majority of people working from home right now, ties and suits are being traded for trainers and lounge pants. However, just because you’re rocking casual threads at home doesn’t mean you need to be wearing that stained grey sweatshirt you’ve had for a decade. It’s time for an upgrade chaps. Now, don’t think you need to always wear a suit while you make Zoom calls, although there is certainly a time for that as well. Below are some fun and comfortable options to wear while you work from home to present yourself as a professional.

Ditch the mullet vibes 

You’ve all heard of the mullet mantra: business in the front, party in the back. Mullets weren’t attractive in the 90s, and the work-from-home clothing version isn’t attractive now. Don’t wear lounge pants with a blazer. Instead, try pressing a fitted t-shirt and pairing it with a pair of nice trousers, or a pair of colourful tailored shorts. Again, comfort doesn’t need to take the backseat just because you’re trying to also look presentable. Try to make sure that what you’re wearing while sitting at your home desk isn't something you’d wear while going grocery shopping.

Luca Faloni
Luca Faloni

Forego the sweatshirt 

If you are accustomed to keeping cosy while WFH, replace your sweatshirt with a cardigan. No, they aren’t old-fashioned and can be a great way to amp up a look from overly-casual to totally-presentable. They come in a myriad of colours and styles, so you can easily find one that fits you without feeling like you’re playing dress-up in your dad’s clothing. And hey, no judgements if you sport a hoodie on a Friday, but opt for a fitted zip-down hoodie, rather than the oversized one you wear while playing video games.

Oliver Spencer
Oliver Spencer

Look your best to do your best 

No, nobody is looking at your trousers while you’re working remotely, but there’s still value in feeling good about yourself. There’s an adage that says, “When you look your best, you feel your best. When you feel your best, you do your best.” There’s no need to put on your Sunday best, but if you roll out of bed three minutes before your first meeting of the day, you aren’t putting any time into how you look, and that can be reflected in your attitude. Instead of scrambling for a semi-clean shirt from the laundry basket, make sure your “work” clothes, even if they are remote-work clothes, are clean and look good together. When you know you look your best, you’re going to put your best foot forward. A nice trick is to get some more tailored lounge trousers for extra comfort without compromising smart style.

L'Estrange London
L'Estrange London

If you’re looking for some comfortable but fashion-forward street style, check out JD Sports reviews. With thousands of exclusive products, they are a great one-stop-shop for everything, from exclusive-release footwear to accessories. If you’re looking for name-brand clothing, they have options from Adidas to Vans, and everything in between. Being comfortable while working from home does not need to mean wearing your pyjamas to the office. So, put in a little effort to look and feel your best.


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