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Should We All Be Taking CBD?

By now, its likely you may have heard about CBD and some of the wonderful benefits that it has. Yet for many, there’s still an element of scepticism and misconception surrounding it and a lack of understanding about what CBD can do, how it makes you feel or what it can do to the body. With a host of style icons such as Montel Williams, Jay-Z, and Jack Nicholson using CBD regularly for issues such as sleep, anxiety and pain, we dig a little deeper into this plant-powered supplement with our favourite CBD brand, Cannaray to find out how it might help you.

Just as many modern medicines find their origins in the plant world, CBD is no different. CBD is a naturally occurring compound within the Cannabis plant which has rocketed in popularity within the health and wellness scene due to its association with the positive, therapeutic benefits of cannabis, without any negative side effects. The biggest misconceptions of CBD are that taking it will get you high, or that CBD is not legal or safe, but these are not true. In fact, even the World Health Organisation has deemed CBD safe and potentially helpful for a variety of common ailments. So, what exactly is CBD and how is it different from Cannabis?

Cannabis itself is made up of a series of ‘cannabinoids’, over 80 of them – think of them as individual compounds that make up the whole plant. CBD stands for cannabidiol, and this compound has no intoxicating or psychoactive effects. The compound that does is called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and none of that is found in Cannaray’s CBD, which is triple-lab tested to ensure 0% THC in every product. So, why would you use CBD? Well, the first thing you should know is that CBD is primarily used to bring balance to any areas of the body or mind which are out of place. It sounds too good to be true, but, many scientific studies have been looking into the benefits of CBD on common ailments including pain, anxiety and sleep with promising results. In fact, a recent report by the World Health Organisation concluded that CBD may help those suffering from depression, anxiety, nausea and pain as well as more serious diseases such as Huntington’s and Multiple Sclerosis. This could help millions of people every year who are suffering, all through using a simple compound!

What should I look for in a CBD product? 

There are so many CBD products on the market now that its benefits are gaining more and more prominence. Yet many of these don’t have the quality that you look for in a product that you’re going to ingest or apply to your body. When you’re dealing with low quality ingredients mixed with all manner of other substances, you’re not going to get the best results. In fact, you may react badly to them, putting you off a treatment that could have long lasting benefits to you – if only you chose the correct product. 

The Gold Standard 

Cannaray subscribes to providing the gold standard of CBD products. It extracts CBD without using any harmful chemicals which would affect the overall product. You can even trace the CBD in every product right back to the farm it was grown on. Combined and enriched with only the best natural ingredients, every one of Cannaray’s products are as clean as can be.  

Triple Lab Tested 

To ensure the best quality, all of Cannaray’s products have been triple lab tested and backed by science. They are the only CBD brand we’re aware of that is backed by a team of doctors and scientists who ensure that every product made gets their stamp of approval. What’s more, all of the lab reports are available to read for free, offering full transparency to the customer. 


Not only are Cannaray products THC-free, meaning that they are 100% legal in the UK, they are also GMO free, dairy free, and sulphate free. When you use one of these products, you are guaranteed pure, natural goodness.  

People Love It 

Sometimes, the reviews speak for themselves. Reports of decreased pain, less anxiety, and a general love for Cannaray’s creams and drops mean that there’s now a dedicated following for these products, because they’ve seen the results produced.

The Products 

Cannaray sell a range of different products designed for a variety of uses, whether you’re a CBD beginner or expert. All contain CBD, but in different doses. The types of products sold can be split into 3 main categories: CBD Oils, Capsules and Topicals. The Gold Standard applies to them all, and they are only made with natural ingredients.  

CBD Oils & CBD Capsules 

CBD oils and capsules are the most common way to take CBD, particularly for beginners as you can control your dosage easily. It means that you can take the time and figure out how much is right for you. Start by taking a single dose each morning and increase slowly until you feel the benefits – once you do, you’re at your perfect CBD dose. 

CBD Oils 

‘Clean and bright’ are the words to describe these little drops of sunshine. One of the most popular products for beginners to CBD, the pipette helps you to measure your dosage exactly, which you pop under your tongue for 90 seconds until absorbed. Made with Juniper Lime and coconut oil (a delicious combination!) you can even add a drop to your breakfast in the morning and get on with your day. 

CBD Curcumin Capsules 

These soft gel capsules provide another easy way to take CBD, and Cannaray’s capsules are truly the best. With patented 5x improved absorption vs other CBD capsules, the added curcumin and vitamin D are great complementary ingredients to CBD that can aid with inflammation and bone health.

CBD Topical 

CBD creams and balms are perfect for those who want to apply CBD directly to problem areas. The added ingredients of aloe, arnica and eucalyptus in Cannaray’s topicals help to reduce inflammation and we’ve been loving using them pre and post workout to maximise our fitness recovery time.  

CBD Muscle Balm 

Got aches and pains? Whether from post-gym or an old injury? This is where Cannaray’s muscle balm comes in. Specially formulated to stay on even during the most intense workouts, it’s perfect to apply pre and post-exercise. It’s Cannaray’s best-seller for a reason…  

CBD Skin Cream 

A non-greasy, vegan formula, this cream is perfect to use on the go – we love applying it to ‘office shoulders’ – especially since working from home. If you are suffering from any muscle pain or aches, rub some into the area and you’ll soon feel a difference! Also great for dry and cracked skin, this cream has been amazing for helping our hands recover from too many pumps of alcohol-gel… 

Cannaray have dedicated themselves to providing the best CBD products on the market today. They are determined to overcome the stigma that CBD has, and to educate consumers on how great CBD can be. Their brand mission is to help people lead healthier and happier lives, so if you’ve been curious about how CBD could help you, why not check out Cannaray’s range of products, and test them for yourself?


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