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4 Clothing Items That Go Well with Tweed Jackets

Tweed can be like denim when it comes to their compatibility with other fashion items. It gives off a vintage yet practical appeal that can go well with other pieces of clothing meant for casual dates to formal events. Still, some clothing items shine when worn with tweed jackets. Read on to know these clothing items so you can flaunt your tweed jacket-inspired fashion ensemble to the rest of the world.


Also known as pants in the US, you can find trousers made from different materials. Some of these materials include gabardine, cotton, wool, and even tweed. Pairing tweed jackets with trousers may seem like a relatively straightforward endeavour. However, do it wrong and you might get weird looks from people. Pair a tweed jacket with trousers, like chinos, corduroy, or denim. Although tweed trousers exist, stay away from this material if you’re already sporting a jacket of the same material. Otherwise, you may look like a wallpaper than a style icon. Also, use complementary colours when pairing tweed jackets with trousers. You can find some examples at Brook Taverner to help you in this regard.

Kit Blake
Kit Blake

A Plain Button Shirt  

A plain button shirt may look simple, but this clothing item can complement several fashion pieces, including tweed jackets. Choose a button shirt with complementary colours that match your tweed jacket. For example, you can wear a salmon-coloured button shirt underneath a brown tweed jacket. But, if you find it tough finding the right plain colour to match your tweed jacket, consider using a shirt in blue or white. Tweed jackets, regardless of colour or pattern, tend to match well with blue or white button shirts underneath. Also, know that you can experiment with different fabrics for the shirt. For instance, an olive green tweed jacket may work well with a white twill shirt. If you don’t have a plain button shirt, then, consider buying at least one. This piece of clothing can be an essential wardrobe piece as it’s relatively easy to pair button shirts with other style items. Some examples include denim jeans, baseball caps, and, of course, tweed jackets. Bonus Tip: If you’re not a fan of using a plain button shirt with your tweed jacket, a long-sleeved polo or sweatshirt can be excellent alternatives.



You can always rock a waistcoat for casual and formal occasions. Moreover, this specific clothing item can work well when paired with a tweed jacket. Consider using the traditional combo of a tweed jacket, trouser, and waistcoat. This ensemble is ideal if you’re coming as a wedding guest or if you’re the speaker in a business meeting. Unlike pairing with trousers, you can complement your tweed jacket with a waistcoat of the same material. But, if you're feeling "quirky”, pair your tweed jacket with a waistcoat made from a different material, like cotton. This combination might look out of the ordinary, but it can still turn heads when worn correctly.


Brogue Shoes 

Brogues are low-heeled shoes or boots characterised by multi-piece, sturdy leather uppers. These components come with decorative perforations called broguing, hence the name. Brogue shoes promote that vintage feel, which should look great when paired with tweed jackets. Throw in a pair of rolled-up chinos, and you can make a positive impression with this fashion ensemble. You can also pair a tweed jacket with brogue boots, which work well for the winter. Brogue boots with high-quality craftsmanship can help keep your feet warm and protected, along with helping you maintain a positive fashion approach. Many people tend to confuse brogues with terms like Oxford or Derby. Note that Oxford has a lacing system that attaches under the vamp or also known as a 'closed lacing system'. Conversely, the Derby has an 'open lacing system' wherein the eyelets are at the top of the vamp. Note that Oxford shoes aren't always brogues, and brogue shoes aren’t always Oxfords. You’ll know if you have brogues if the shoes have broguing. Hence, you can have Oxfords or Derbies that can also be brogues, but only if these shoes have the decorative appeal unique to brogues.

Oliver Sweeney
Oliver Sweeney

Pair tweed jackets with the right clothing items. In turn, you should feel confident knowing that you’re going to step out of your home looking sharp, radiating the power of a self-made person. Combine tweed jackets with plain button shirts, trousers, waistcoats, and brogue shoes for just about any occasion, and you will surely get a lot of heads turning your way, thanks to your effortlessly classic and classy look.


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