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Guide to Wearing All Black Outfits

If you want a versatile and trendy look that will work for any occasion, there is an all-black outfit for men that will suit any style. Dark colours are classic, sharp and flexible, making an all-black style popular in the world of men’s fashion. Whether you prefer formal or casual, here are the best ways to wear all-black outfits with style to impress.

Ripped Jeans 

Ripped jeans are stylish and go with almost any outfit. It's worth noting that they almost always have a street style or punk feel to them, but you shouldn't let this stop you from giving rips a try. Daring guys should opt for large holes that gape open along with frayed strands of denim for a bold style. On the other hand, laidback men should keep the rips smaller so that they're not as obvious. Pair them with Chelsea boots for a slimming effect - the sleek boots will make the outfit seem softer. For a business casual look that pairs jeans and a blazer, Top Trends Guide recommends a slim fit with a black shirt and tailored jacket for the perfect look.

Sinners Attire
Sinners Attire


A black coat is a winter staple that looks incredible with different layers. Lots of men opt for a rollneck sweater underneath to add depth and texture, but you can battle the elements with a tee and a button-down if you're more a smart-casual guy. Match the coat with jeans and a beanie hat for a striking appearance. When it comes to coats, it's better to wear one that drops down to the knees. These fashionable pieces make it seem like you've just gotten off a catwalk in Milan or London. 


Suits are synonymous with formal surroundings, such as the office or a wedding. They are perfect for both because they're sleek and give the wearer a powerful vibe, especially when twinned with a crisp shirt and fresh shoes. However, a black suit is flexible and can be worn for more casual events. Swap the pants for slim or skinny jeans and the boots for sneakers and you're ready to go for a drink with friends at a fancy bar. You can add layers to ward off the bad weather in the colder months, while you can opt for fewer items when the temperatures spike.

Gibson London
Gibson London


Shorts don't have to be informal. Black shorts look great with a printed or solid t-shirt and canvas trainers, but you can mix and match with an oxford shirt and dress shoes. Boat shoes work fantastically well with shorts if you're heading to a formal event. When it's chilly outside, you need something to regulate your body temp, so why not try a leather jacket. Leather is rocky and edgy, and it's unique when combined with shorts. Plus, it's adaptable as you can take it off if you get hot.

White Shoes 

White shoes imbue all-black outfits with an awesome contrast that is eye-catching and hard to ignore. When you mix white sneakers with black, you'll stand out from the crowd. The key is to keep everything else dark apart from the footwear. Guys love this trend because it's versatile and easy to switch up. Aside from your clothes - swap jeans for shorts and a long coat for a jacket - you can mix up your sneaker game. White canvas shoes are finer and more polished, whereas Air Forces are bulkier and in your face.

Photo: Robin Sebastian Saint
Photo: Robin Sebastian Saint


Casual should be comfortable, so you don't want to wear anything that's cramped or too tight. Black jeans and a t-shirt are iconic and work well in the warmer months when it's easy to overheat. A black denim jacket or shirt is a fantastic way to layer up and take the edge off the chill in the air, whereas fitted trousers are attractive and elegant in equal measure. Sneakers are laid back, but so are boots and loafers if you require something more substantial. 

Smart Casual 

For a smart casual all-black style, you can keep the basics from the casual look and add a selection of statement pieces to give your outfit the wow factor. A T-shirt and tailored trousers are already sophisticated, yet a leather jacket puts the entire look over the top. Jeans are great substitutes as long as they're slim-fit or tighter as normal cuts are too baggy. If you prefer to be smart than casual, the tee can be replaced with a shirt that isn't buttoned at the collar. Right on the cusp of smart casual is a duster jacket. It sounds risky, but black is monochromatic, so there's no risk of being too loud.

Karl Lagerfeld
Karl Lagerfeld

Business Casual 

Business casual seems as if it's the hardest style to get right because of the potential ramifications. Choose poorly and you may turn heads for the wrong reasons at a corporate event or make a bad impression at an interview. Thankfully, there are several ways to ensure you are in the right ensemble. When events are formal, it's best to combine suit pants with a trendy sweater, such as a turtle or rollneck, as the outfit is soft and masculine. This is a perfect option in the winter as well. If you feel the occasion is pretty casual, you can match black chinos with a button-down shirt. 


Formal is about being classy, and there's nothing classier than a black suit with trousers and a matching tie. The slimming effect of this combination makes sure that you and your outfit are streamlined. If you want to soften your style because you're going to a cocktail party, you should try a blazer and trousers. This look is timeless and effortless, and you can refine it further with a watch.


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