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Getting Your Vitamins and Minerals with Superfoods

We all want to lead healthy and happy lives. Most of us take active steps towards achieving this. The problem? Most of us solely focus on the gym. We’ll head to the gym or see our personal trainer and put a whole lot of effort into our exercise regimes, making sure that we get 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic exercise a week. But this isn’t where your health journey should end. You need to take your diet into consideration too! Now, we all know we should eat healthily. We know it should be balanced. We know we should follow our recommended daily calorie intake. We know we should incorporate each food group in moderation. But sometimes, you’ll find that as hard as you try, you might still be missing your daily recommended intake of certain vitamins and minerals. This is where superfoods can come into play. Superfoods are essentially foods that have high levels of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Here are a few that you might want to try out.


Before we get started, it’s worth noting that we’re aware some people fall short of specific vitamins and minerals due to personal circumstances. Perhaps you’re vegetarian or vegan and find it difficult to source certain vitamins or minerals from plant based foods in particular. Maybe you have allergies, eliminating certain sources of vitamins and minerals from your diet. Maybe it’s hard to gain the benefits from eating those foods alone, as you’d have to eat huge quantities. In situations like this, you can make life a little easier for yourself by using supplements. These complement your diet and help to fill in gaps. Take a look at nutrition supplements by steelsupplements.com.


Now, onto actual foods. A good place to start is berries. For now, let’s focus on blueberries in particular. Blueberries don’t only taste great, they’re also versatile and can be eaten in a variety of ways, whether that’s on their own, as a topping on granola or oats, or baked into cakes as a treat. These berries are absolutely packed with vitamins, phytochemicals and soluble fibre, so they’re more than worth incorporating into your diet!  


Kale has skyrocketed in popularity over recent years. In the past, not all too many people ate it. But more recently, this is a food that’s making its way onto many of our plates on a more regular basis. Cooked well, kale will provide you with vitamins A, C and K. It also provides a plant-based source of calcium, making it great for vegans following plant based diets! 

Green Tea 

Superfoods aren’t limited to solid foods. There are some superfood drinks too! Green tea is perhaps the most popular. While it has a strong and distinct flavour, it’s worth trying regularly to accustom your taste to it. You can even add a little honey to make it sweeter in a healthier way. The main benefit of green tea is that it contains bioactive compounds. This includes catechins, which prevent cell damage in the body.

Goji Berries 

You might not have heard of goji berries before, but it’s worth looking for them in health food stores or the health aisle of your local supermarket. These are small berries with a distinct flavour. They’re most often dried and sold in small packets. They may have a high price tag, but this is because they’re so good for you! These berries contain vitamin A, vitamin C, fibre, iron, zinc, and other antioxidants. If you’re not fond of their taste, you could try having them blended into smoothies, sprinkled over cereal or eaten in a variety of other ways that can mask the distinct taste. 

Acai Berries 

Acai berries seem to be featured in a lot of health Instagram feeds and on health Pinterest boards lately. You could say that they’re the superfood of the moment. Many people will have Acai bowls, for which you can find plenty of recipes onlines. These berries are full of antioxidants, so they’re worth adding into your meals. Give them a try and see how you get along!  

These are just a few superfoods, of course. There are so many more out there. It will just be a process of trial and error determining which appeals to you and which you’ll be happy to work into your diet on a regular basis. Give each a try and see how you get along! Each can bring a whole lot to your overall health and wellbeing.


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