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Birddogs Shorts: idiots or geniuses?

We saw the following ad from athleisure brand Birddogs this morning: “Built-in underwear saves me 2 seconds a day. That’s 12 extra minutes a year to smash bird nests.” How is that supposed to make us buy pants? These guys sound like huge idiots. So why do we see everyone wearing Birddogs? Answer: it’s the product. Guys love the product. You have to dig on Reddit to find actual reviews. A common theme emerges – Birddogs make the most comfortable shorts and pants out there.

So how’d the class clown of marketing ace product design? Apparently they brought the smartest kid in class on board – Lululemon’s head of product design. The result is a stretchy, comfortable and wearable pair of pants that guys can’t get enough of. Moral of the story, great product wins.


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