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5 Stylish Ways to Wear a Hoodie

You might think that a hoodie is best for lounging around at home, but this overlooked and occasionally maligned item of clothing can be an integral part of a stylish outfit. Hoodies have mainly shaken off the “hug a hoodie” stigma of being associated with teenage thugs (though they’re still banned by various organisations from time to time). Famously, Mark Zuckerberg has worn grey t-shirts and hoodies for years. So if you want to add a hoodie to your ensemble, how should you wear it? First, it’s important to get the right hoodie. You don’t want a one that’s emblazoned with a huge logo, one that has a slogan on, or one that’s neon green. Instead, you need a plain design in a colour that will team well with other pieces in your wardrobe: think grey, black, white, or navy for example.

1: Pick a Zipped Hoodie and Layer It 

Many men’s hoodies, such as the hoodies from Myprotein, zip up the front, meaning you can wear them open if you want. This gives you more options and more flexibility in how your hoodie works with the rest of your outfit. Plus, it means you can unzip your hoodie on warm days. One great way to wear your hoodie is to leave it unzipped and pair it with a jacket or coat for a layered effect. It’s a put-together look that doesn’t look quite so casual as some of the other options below.

A Day's March
A Day's March

2: Use Your Hoodie as a Jacket 

Alternative If the weather is a little chilly but not cold enough for a jacket or coat, then a zipped hoodie is also a great option. It won’t look weird indoors, so it’s great for cafes or gyms with powerful air conditioning too. When you’re going down this route, you’ll want a hoodie that’s high-quality and looks good on its own, as you won’t be layering anything over the top of it. Plus, if the weather changes or you do get warm, it’s easy to roll your hoodie up in a bag without it creasing up or taking too much space. 

3: Pop a Denim Jacket Over Your Hoodie 

An open denim jacket looks great over a regular (non-zipped) hoodie for a casual and slightly 80s vibe. The difference between the denim and the soft material of the hoodie helps add an interesting texture contrast to your outfit, too. Beige or grey hoodies work well for this, though you could also try black or navy. If this look is a bit denim-heavy for you, then pair yours with a sleeveless denim gilet jacket.

Luca Faloni
Luca Faloni

4: Pair Your Hoodie with a Leather Jacket 

Leather is making a comeback… and a hoodie teamed with a leather jacket can make a great combination. For this look, you’ll want a short leather jacket – so if yours is more “Morpheus from the Matrix” then maybe it’s time to treat yourself to something new e.g. a biker or bomber. Using a hoodie in this way can be great for trying out different colours of leather, though it also works really well with just classic black. 

5: Go for an Athleisure Look 

The earliest hoodies (in the 1930s) were designed to keep workers warm during bitter winter conditions, but they soon became used as exercise kits in the US Army. Today, hoodies are a great way to get onboard with the athleisure trend. Pair your hoodie with some casual chinos or jeans, and you’ll have a stylish casual outfit that’s practical and comfortable enough to wear all day, whatever you’re doing. 

L'Estrange London
L'Estrange London

There are plenty of fantastic hoodies out there, at a range of price points – and so many ways you could wear one with items that you likely already have in your wardrobe. A grey zipped hoodie is a great one to start with, as it’s very versatile and will work with pretty much anything. When it comes to styling a hoodie, incorporating eye-catching graphic designs for custom hoodies can add a unique touch and elevate your overall look. If you haven’t worn a hoodie in years, give one a try today.

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