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How To Get Rid Of Underarm Sweat Stains

Do you ever get so sweaty to the point that you're embarrassed about your underarm sweat stains? There can be any number of reasons that we sweat. Some of the most common reasons are stressful social situations, hot weather, physical activity or hyperhidrosis. Regardless of your reason, we found a fashionable solution for you: The Social Tee.

The designers at Social Citizen know what it’s like to deal with unfortunate sweat stains under your arms. They spent 8 months actually solving the problem! Now, the world has high quality T-Shirts that completely eliminate underarm sweat stains. Wet underarms are uncomfortable and can be super embarrassing! Sometimes they even turn into permanent yellow stains, which can ruin your favourite shirts.

While most sweat proof products have large seams and puffy underarm pads, Social Citizen offers a fashionable T-Shirt with thin sweat proof technology hidden inside the underarm of the shirt. This way, nobody will know you’re wearing a sweat proof T-Shirt! Check out that underarm! Dry as a bone. The innovative sweat proof technology is composed of three effective layers: 

- Water-resistant layer: feels like standard T-Shirt material for comfort. 

- Absorbent layer: special material that expands to absorb moisture before it reaches the next layer. 

- Waterproof layer: super-thin fabrics that serve as a final layer of resistance, bringing any lingering sweat to a dead halt.

Find out more info about how the Social Tee works here. Cheap undershirts can offer a layer of protection between your skin and your favourite pieces of clothing. This can reduce sweat stains but as we know, if you sweat enough, it will come through. That's why we first recommend the Social Tee rather than an undershirt. The Social Tee can still be used as an undershirt, but it can also be used as a fashionable shirt without needing any extra layers underneath.

As if it couldn’t get any better, The Social Tee also has anti-microbial properties in the underarm of the shirt. This means the shirt is able to reduce bacteria that causes undesirable smells! You’ll look great, smell great and feel confident again. More than a game-changer, Social Citizen T-Shirts are a lifesaver. To this day, Social Citizen is the only brand that offers stylish sweat proof products. Life is easier with dry underarms.


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